Advanced Group Meditation

Advanced Group Meditation- held last Sunday each month from 9am – 11am at  8 Merlin Court, Preston 4352


This guided Advanced Group Meditation allows you to experience a variety of inner plane works to help re-align and re-program your old belief system. You will feel empowered knowing that you can activate and change your own DNA, the blueprint of your entire Being. There are many areas to explore including learning how to build your own protective energetic field, permanently release old issues, strengthen and harmonise your energy centres plus many more other energetic works to help you on your Spiritual journey. After the meditation, we enter the Akashic Record field to ask for relevant topics that may arise with the group. These are usually Esoteric Knowledge that helps us to understand the grand scheme of things. The Advanced Group Meditations are profound and enlightening as we allow ourselves to enter a deeper plane of existence and learn more of the Ancient Knowledge.

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H. C. Toowoomba 2018

You have given me confidence now to move on - yesterday was the " brick wall " for me. I had been struggling with what was happening in my meditations. I find my Meditations at your beautiful Centre keep me on that same journey of love.

D. S. Brisbane 2018

I found the reading today very powerful for me as I know I was a part of Lemuria and mourn it at times. The music, I remember as a child, whenever I heard or sang it with others in linked arms I was very emotional and wept inwardly and only slightly outwardly as I was young and didn't want anyone to see me crying. I understand why now. I felt very connected, encapsulated, thank you.