Akashic Rembrance Workshop

  • 10 Mar 2019

Akashic Remembrance Workshop is learning about the Akashic Records, what it is, where it is, how to access it and how do you tap into your own.


By understand the Akashic Records and how to access your own, it will help you to understand your journey in the physical, what your past positive or negative attributes were, how it may influence your current life time, and most importantly is how to bring those positive attributes forth so that it assists you in your challenges or lessons.


you will also learn five categories of people which the Akashic Records influences.


Beginning to know the Akash is part of your true Knowing, your gifts, your potentials for the future. Remember 2019 is a catalytic year, which means whatever you choose to develop in your life this year will amplify even more so in future years to come. What a wonderful way to face the future, with all the assistance you will ever need right at your "finger tip".


DATE: Sunday 10th March 2019

TIME: 9am - 11am


Venue: 8 Merlin Court, Preston

Bookings required. Please see contact page for details



H. C. Toowoomba 2017

How much better can meditation get? Wow! Inner Child Meditation. my Inner Child went ZOOM from infant throughout childhood to 30 years old. This beautiful young lady - lots of light around her and she was light while still having the form of a young lady. When she put her arms up, 'twas like angel wings. I took her to my heart and cuddled her and I felt it in my being. How does one "come back" and let go to come back to the previous reality. I know she melded into my very being and I could really feel this - that is exactly what it felt like.

Kate, Toowoomba 2016

With regards to our incredible meditation recently I find that in my mind I can 'go to' that special time whenever I feel a bit pressured and it feels wonderful.