Energising your Energy Centres Workshop

  • 01 Jan 2021

In this workshop, we will discuss how and why does our physical body age, breaks down, get sick or diseased even though we seemingly take care of it to a certain extent.

You come to understand that you are only frequencies or vibrations. what frequency you are at or what vibrations you are experiencing will determine your state of health. We have been living in a pattern of thoughts and beliefs for so long that we do not realise how detrimental these are to our health and wellbeing.

it is time to awaken yourself to this fact, then learn how to change your frequencies or vibrations and allow your body to heal and run as it is designed to do. You are then becoming ageless!

This is partly a practical workshop whereby you will design your own template in order to attract the higher frequencies or vibrations.

There will be a short meditation to set this up in your field for as long as you wish it to remain so. You can also bring your own pendulum to test the results yourself.

In the current chaotic energies around us, it is important to continue your own internal work, staying in the Light and staying in higher frequencies to avoid physical challenges.


NB: Due to current situation globally, this workshop is available one on one via Skype. (price may vary slightly)  For inquiry please see contact page


For bookings or enquiry please see contact page.



Date: TBA

Time: 9am to 11.30am

Cost: $140

Venue: 8 Merlin Court, Preston. Qld


S. S. Burpengary, Qld 2012

“it has taken me many years of preliminary work such as meditation, massage & reiki just to be ready for the intense releasing process that is esoteric acupuncture! Thank you Daphne as I feel great."

Wendy, Laidley, Qld 2011

“I was surprised to find esoteric acupuncture uncovered deep seated emotions that I had not been aware of. On the last day of my treatment I was feeling a lovely sense of peace when I saw a light and a face appeared to me. It asked, ‘Are you ready to receive me?’ I answered ‘Yes’ and the words, ‘The Host’ came to me. I then saw a robed figure run his hands over my body from my head to my knees and then disappeared. I was left with a feeling of lightness, peace and wonder. I’m very grateful to Daphne for her dedication and service to help those who ask for it.”