2018 April News

  • 08 Apr 2018

Self-reflection during Easter…


Easter has come and gone; along with it, for those who are sensitive to the Christ energies will have enjoyed the blessings of the Christ Consciousness.


During this time of heightened loving energies, it is a wonderful time to reflect on our own spiritual development as the focus will be leading in that direction.


Over the Easter period I had experienced a few “aha” moments or epiphany; my Spirit self getting the messages to me, as I feel the gentle nudge and smile! With the purity of the rainforest, sound of nature calls and peaceful environment, it had to happen during our stay at O’Reilly’s rainforest retreat in the hinterland.


My first epiphany was a better understanding of the human channelling from the Divine Source, higher self or Spirit, whatever it is called. I had asked for a better Channelling of information for the greater good of all a couple of years ago. I had experienced many different channelling of information or healing in my time, always thinking that it was a special gift that only a selective few were given. Now I understand that we are all channelling information from our Higher Self constantly, knowingly or unknowingly. We call the latter co-incidences, miracle, lucky or just meant to be. My “aha” moment was learning that I had already been answered when I asked for better channelling. Recently, I learnt a lesson to truly let go of the human controlling mind, trust in the Divine, than allow it to take over the driver’s seat so to speak. The mouth automatically delivered whatever the message was needed to be spoken. It was an amazing experience to be able to hear yourself talk in the mind while the mouth continues to flow effortless. It was like standing back and watching yourself automatically speak.  A wise sage once said “I don’t know what I need to know until I need to know; until then I don’t know”.


The second epiphany is knowing the greater part of my work in this dimension is creating healing with words rather than with hands on or tools; although these are another aspect to my work. A total opposite to a previous lifetime where I hardly expressed a spoken word. Delivering powerful messages with words will trigger the lower mind to think or discern in different ways or methods in order to healing the higher mind within the heart.


The third epiphany over the Easter healing was allowing the release of another clutter of the past karmic energies. This is the time for all humanity to start dissolving, releasing or just letting go of the past in order to move ahead. So much easier, lighter and rewarding compared to repeatedly experiencing past traumas or ill health.


April is a month filled with various energies. Usually Easter is around this month, giving rise to an uplifting Christ Consciousness, then at the end is the Australia Anzac Day remembrance of yester-years; filled with grief/sadness as some travel back in time in respect to those who sacrificed for this country. Both opposite polarity in frequencies.


But if you have been pre-occupied or had not taken advantage of the month’s positive healing over Easter, be sure to take note of Wesak happening in our May advanced group meditation.  It is then that we welcome the annual blessings from Wesak, high in the mountains of the Himalayas from the great Buddha plus Sananda himself!


Until then, Namaste to all!






N.G. Toowoomba 2017

Many thanks, you have cleared up the “research” I have been doing, taken away the confusion of Feng Shui.