2018 December News

  • 02 Dec 2018

The most common phrase you will here in December would have to be “I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already!” How fast everyone seems to think time is moving. Is this our imagination, our fast pace of life or is there some truth in it?


I believe there is indeed. As we all work on expanding our consciousness collectively, we are beginning to “dissolve” what we know as “time” in our 3D. In fact, the earth itself is spinning a little faster so our “normal” twenty four hours day is not quite twenty four hours any more. It is actually a little less, making it appear that our time is going so much faster.


Putting aside the technicalities of our calendar, December is the time for catching up with ourselves, family, and friends. It is a joyous time as we reflect on our achievements over the year with matters of the heart rather than matters of relevance.

 But for a few, it is a time of overcoming feelings of isolation, destitution, loneliness or rejection of societal expectations. For these, we send our heart-felt warmth, love and blessings whatever their circumstances may be. There will be some who will hold out their hands to help. But for most of us busy with our own affairs, do spare a moment to reflect on the less fortunate by sending blessings to them. It will help reinstate that we are all as One. For those who feel the “a-lone” and disconnectedness, we share the Light and help them to realise that it is “Al-One” rather than “a-lone” concept.

 Whatever your beliefs may be, the month is about connecting with our families, friends, enjoying the time of rest and counting our blessings of the past year.

 Wherever you may be, have a wonderful peaceful time, enjoying and celebrating life everywhere!

Namaste to all!



Wendy, Laidley, Qld 2011

“I was surprised to find esoteric acupuncture uncovered deep seated emotions that I had not been aware of. On the last day of my treatment I was feeling a lovely sense of peace when I saw a light and a face appeared to me. It asked, ‘Are you ready to receive me?’ I answered ‘Yes’ and the words, ‘The Host’ came to me. I then saw a robed figure run his hands over my body from my head to my knees and then disappeared. I was left with a feeling of lightness, peace and wonder. I’m very grateful to Daphne for her dedication and service to help those who ask for it.”

Glenis, Toowoomba 2017

Excellent Daphne so please I came thank you for educating us.