2018 January News

  • 09 Jan 2018

Happy new year to all!

 Welcome to 2018, the year of Illumination! In the Tibetan numerology system, 2018 add up to 11 or double 1. Number one represents standing tall on its own, strong, powerful and ready to move.  As there are two of number one it doubles the meaning of Illumination. Standing side by side, supporting each other, amplifying this Illumination.


They look at each other, identical and stand in recognition of what is to come. This means illuminating of what is around us, seeing what each of us has to offer, seeing within ourselves what we are capable of, like looking at our own reflection in the mirror.


2018 is about illuminating yourself and all things around you with the light. It is a doing year, applying what you had planted the year before, bringing it now to fruition with the light guiding you. There may have been darkness for some time, but now the time is for the light to shine through you and into you to create or manifest your heart desires.


From a global level, sit back and watch the changes happening as decisions are made based on more empathy rather than for greed. Many people or high profile companies have been exposed of who they truly are, there will be more to come. As the planet is bombarded with the light, more will surface but will have the opportunity to rethink their tactics with more compassion and humility.


On a personal level, 2018 will be about different things such as love, money, relationships, health or whatever it may be, it is a year to bring it to fruition or completion. It will be an approach that is quite different to the norm, a more positive way; a way to true Illumination!



Leanne, Toowoomba 2013

Very good, I love Daphne’s workshops. I always feel good after every one I do.

M.D. Toowoomba 2017

A very good and understandable intro to Feng Shui. A well spend Sunday morning!