2018 July News

  • 04 Jul 2018

Matcha all the way to vitality…..


What an exciting start to the month, I have discovered, experienced and now totally recommend another yet potent Superfood that has come to the public’s attention, Matcha Green Tea! You can read up on Matcha under the Products – Superfood section.


First half of the year is behind us now and already so much has been achieved by all. Our meditation groups are becoming more supportive, nurturing and all-embracing than ever before. Congratulations to those who come along, and a welcome to those who are contemplating in joining us in future.


As we continue our own spiritual journey more revelations come to mind as we open our heart and mind to it. Personally, I have been experiencing more information from my Akash to help me to understand the past in order to create a new future. I was shown another life time as a Geisha girl, so elegant, quiet, yet very disciplined in life. Yet another life time showed me as an old man with a long beard, thin, frail and smoking a floor length pipe! This was indeed not ordinary smoking, but I assume drugs, hence the old derelict appearance. Both of these life time shows me the attributes of discipline as well as the lack of interest in any way, shape or form of drugs in this current life time. How ironic, or not?


It is an exciting journey to work with my own Akash, helping others to understand theirs from my Akashic Record Readings, plus showing others how to mine their own Akash to bring forth their own positive attributes to create a new karmic line. All these bring so much fun and enjoyment and attracts so much light into our lives that it is worthy to write ‘home’ about.


Until next month, enjoy life!


Wendy, Toowoomba 2014

Wonderful thank you Daphne. I ask the question “what am I afraid of?? Words – Intent & commitment.

D. H. Cabbalah 2017

Really enjoyed it, very helpful & informative.