2018 June News

  • 05 Jun 2018

Grounding or earthing yourself and why is it necessary?


Most people are not aware of why we need to earth or ground ourselves as much as possible. Earthing helps to restore plus maintains our body’s electrical state which promotes optimum health. Mother earth’s energies are the ultimate anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing medicine, and it’s free!


Why is this important? Simply put, our body is a natural conductor of electricity that keeps us alive. We receive natural sunlight which sends us positive ions for growth, then we receive the earth’s negative ions from below through our feet, hands or body. This keeps a balance or equilibrium in our body chemistry.


This is exactly what plants do, they utilise the sun’s energies while developing roots into the ground in order to grow. A perfect balance of chemicals from above and below.


Unfortunately in our 21st century lifestyle, we are also bombarded with electronic devices 24/7, that emits unstable positive ions, which is also detrimental to our health.


Now the balance of the chemicals in our body no longer exists.  Too much positive ions from our environment causes most of our diseases, beginning with inflammation anywhere in our body. To make matters worse, we also put shoes on our feet, cutting us off the earth’s energies, spend less time outdoors, or even less time touching the ground. All this contributes to an excess of positive ions, and less negative ions from the ground to counter balance this imbalance. Results are inflammation, pain, disorders or diseases.


Knowing this, all we need to do is get outside and touch the ground as much as possible! This is why we feel so good after working in the garden, camping on the ground, walking on the beach, or just walking barefoot on the ground and you will feel the difference immediately.


According to Chinese medicine, there is a major acupuncture point on the balls of our feet called Big Pond. This point when in contact with the earth or ground, immediately sends the earth energies all the way up this meridian, targeting at the kidneys or adrenals. This helps us to reduce our stress levels by settling down our cortisol, giving us a sense of peacefulness, calmness or just relaxed.


With our busy lifestyles, we do not spend enough time to counter-act the harmful excess positive ions from our environment, so therefore we have ways to bring the earth energies indoors.


There are a variety of products made to help us utilise earth energies ranging from pillow slips, bed sheets to rubber mats. So therefore there is no excuse not to earth ourselves while we are indoors or sleeping 8 hours a night, every night of the week! Since we are bombarded with harmful positive ions 24/7, we also should attempt to neutralize this effect with negative ions as many hours of the day as we can to prevent an excess of harmful ions.


For further reading on Earthing or see the products you can find it in my website under Products, Earthing.




Meanwhile, stay grounded to Mother Earth as much as possible as it is vital to our health and well-being.




N.G. Toowoomba 2017

Many thanks, you have cleared up the “research” I have been doing, taken away the confusion of Feng Shui.

Toowoomba 2017

I have found the Feng Shui workshop very informative and helpful. You are a good presenter using examples that are easy to follow.