2018 March News

  • 12 Mar 2018

What to do when you feel “stuck…..”


At times in our lives, we get the feeling of being stuck in a place, not getting ahead, not knowing how to get ahead or simply just not moving forward in life. This happens when we fail to trust our own Spirit self; when we don’t trust we cannot hear the guidance given to us from moment to moment.


In life you are like a blind person going about your ways, not seeing what there is truly to see.  It feels like you are walking around in a single room, experiencing different incidents, no way out, it sometimes appear to repeat itself. Each incident seems to be the same only with different people or circumstances. You begin to feel frustrated, not being able to move on to greater things, being held back repeating these incidents. It’s almost like the movie Ground Hog Day when each day you wake, it’s a repeat of the same thing over and over again. You are totally unaware that Spirit is always trying to push you ahead to greater things, but you cannot see it nor hear it because you belief you are only in a single room with walls of limitations surrounding you.


Then one day, someone with true Sight appears in your life and points out to you that you are not only in a room, but there is also an elevator as well to take you to another level, a higher level. You are told that the elevator can take you as high as you would like to go, each level is there for you to experience, to grow, to learn, then jump back into the elevator again to move on to the next level.


Your own elevator has always been there, it is just that you have been blinded by your own limitations that has stopped you from seeing it.


Have trust and faith in Spirit self, and you will find that guidance will be there whenever you need it. Only with this faith will you hear the gentle voice of your Spirit pushing you along, rather than walking blindly in your own limitations.





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Thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui Workshop, everything was valuable and I recommend it to anyone.