2018 November News

  • 11 Nov 2018

2018 November News


This month, I have learnt from experience to remember to be gentle with transforming or healing the body. As humans, we do not fully understand just how powerful and effective it is to shift unwanted energies in the body, allowing changes to take place, and at the same time still function as per normal.


We all seem to be in a hurry to adjust and see changes that we think more is better. But when it comes to energetic works, it is hard to know just how much is enough, how much is needed to shift energies, and when to allow your body to “catch up”.


When we do physical detox with our food, water, drinks or other supplements, we can monitor how much we eat or drink so the body does not go into a sudden healing crises where we experience uncomfortable feelings as the body throws out the toxins quickly.


But when we do energetic detox, sometimes we forget just how powerful and effective it is. Even though we are not able to “see” what is happening, we tend to think more of it will bring about changes quicker. But this is not the case at all. The body will react or resist just as quickly as you would react to undesirable food/drinks.


I had experienced this recently, so I thought it would be a good reminder for us all that the human body is now getting more sensitive to the energetic shifts around us as well as energetic shifts that we bring in ourselves through our own spiritual work.


Whatever method of spiritual healing you chose to do, just be aware to do one at a time while your body adjusts to the healing. As we continue to heal our body internally, it becomes more and more refined so therefore becoming more sensitive to healing works of any kind. A good tip is to always check out the form of healing you choose to receive, whom you chose to have this done with, find out as much as you can as to what it is doing to you, have a good understanding of its outcome, then be patient as your body adjusts to the healing frequencies. Then sit back and enjoy the journey!



N.G. Toowoomba 2017

Many thanks, you have cleared up the “research” I have been doing, taken away the confusion of Feng Shui.

Glenis, Toowoomba 2017

Excellent Daphne so please I came thank you for educating us.