2018 September News

  • 16 Sep 2018

Spring is here at last!


This is the time for coming out of “hibernation” and allow our Chi to expend, refresh, recharge or regenerate.


There are many correspondences relating to spring time according to the five elements of Wood from Traditional Chinese Medicine which will be the focus of this topic.


Just like the season, spring is about regeneration, growth, expansion from nature and within ourselves too. The colour is green, the organs of importance is liver/gallbladder which relates to the eyes plus all tendons/ligaments of the body.


Looking at our body with this mind, the focus is now on feeding ourselves with regenerative foods, cleansing foods, sour tastes foods, liquids like juicing to clear away our congestion from heavier foods over the winter months. This is the season to start moving our body especially the tendons and ligaments, so make sure your body is well “lubricated” with plenty of fluids, juices, good omega fats or any ‘green’ foods.


Outdoor activities or gardening season is upon us, so it is a great time to get grounded, earthed while stretching our tendons/ligaments. With the clear blue skies well on its way, it’s another great way to get plenty of natural vitamin D through our skin too.


Introduce some form of natural juicing is always a good idea to start the body’s cleansing system especially the sluggish lymphatics. Just remember the general rule is that fruits will cleanse quickly while vegetable juice will put nutrients into the body. If there is no major issue, enjoy a combination of some fruit with some vegetable juices at least a few times a week. Eat a little less now as the warmer climate starts by taking advantage of plenty of greens either raw or lightly steamed or even light stir fried are the best ways.


Lentils or legumes are also great added to a salad to boost the protein nutrients; so are seeds and grains such as chia, flax meal, buckwheat; all makes great wholefood that are alkalising and provides good fats.


Keeping these simple ideas in mind, dust off the winter layers, set yourself free and enjoy the moving, expanding, regenerating season of spring!





W. S. Twba 2016

I can really relate to my reading, it helps me to understand where I am in my life as well my relationships to some of my family members. It all makes sense now. Thank you.

Wendy, Laidley, Qld 2011

“I was surprised to find esoteric acupuncture uncovered deep seated emotions that I had not been aware of. On the last day of my treatment I was feeling a lovely sense of peace when I saw a light and a face appeared to me. It asked, ‘Are you ready to receive me?’ I answered ‘Yes’ and the words, ‘The Host’ came to me. I then saw a robed figure run his hands over my body from my head to my knees and then disappeared. I was left with a feeling of lightness, peace and wonder. I’m very grateful to Daphne for her dedication and service to help those who ask for it.”