2019 April News

  • 03 Apr 2019



This month’s focus is about DNA clearing. It is not only our DNA, which contains all our life time experiences locked into the strands, but also to understand we carry our ancestral attributes as well, both good and not so good.


The time is right for us to easily begin to clear unwanted energies carried over from our ancestors as well as our own accumulated experiences that are not worthy of hanging onto.


Did you know that each strand of our DNA contains more information than all the computers in the world put together! What a thought. We have technologies now that are able to trace back up to fourteen generations in our DNA, telling us much about our ancestors.


It is said that every 7th generation will come into the world to try to clear the lineage of all their ancestral “baggage” so to speak. Clearing entails all the past traumas stored in the DNA such as anger, guilt, betrayal, grief, fear, all physical ailments or weakness, pain and suffering due to such traumas and many more.


By clearing, we not only clear our immediate lineage from our current parents, but includes any other lineage soul who wish to line up to be cleared as well. By regularly clearing, it may bring forth your long forgotten ancestors to come to you via your dreams or other means just to tell you to clear up any other specific issues of that generation such as that heart condition in the past generations, or weaknesses, or even past anguish locked in from past relatives.


In our regular advanced meditation classes at the end of each month, we will begin to start this wonderful clearing of our DNA or lineages or any other lineages who may just appear to join in to also be cleared.


What a wonderful way to move forward into the future. Knowing that you have been the 7th generation here, ready to clean up the lineage, ready to allow more light into the generations of the future, beginning with YOU!


See you at the next advanced group meditation………





Wendy, Toowoomba 2014

Wonderful thank you Daphne. I ask the question “what am I afraid of?? Words – Intent & commitment.

Toowoomba 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui Workshop, everything was valuable and I recommend it to anyone.