2019 August news

  • 06 Aug 2019

Do blessings or sending Light help?


We have all tried at some stage in our lives, sending blessings, love or light to someone, animal or circumstances who are in need of help. But then we may experience doubt if that helped or had any effect at all.


Now we have science to help us to understand and validate our energy or spiritual work. This is called quantum entanglement. There are plenty of info if you google this. But basically all it means is that when a couple of particles separate from its original wholeness or source, no matter how far apart they may be after this separation, it will also have an effect on each other. Since we are familiar with the knowledge that the Universe was created with the “big bang” causing many particles to separate, then we can apply this to us as human beings separated as a particle from our original Source. Hence we are all part of the original Source, experiencing an individual experience on this earth.


This helps us to understand that if we send healing, light or love to someone else away from us, then no doubt it will have an impact on that person! This same rule applies to sending to animals, places or incidents too because we are all energy!


The best way to do this is to go down into your heart centre where your Divine Spark of Light resides, bring this up and spread over your chest then down each of your arms into your palms. You can use the pure white light or golden light or whatever colour you feel is appropriate for your situation. Then see this light embrace, saturate or fully meld into that person you are sending it to. You may even be able to see a smaller version of this person sitting in the palm of your hands, soaking up this divine healing light. There should be no doubt whatsoever that the person will either sense or feel this healing.


Just knowing this simple technique will enable each of us to be able to do whatever we can for those who need help with healing, blessings or just someone who cares. This is effortless, unconditional and yet so profound healing.


What a beautiful way to help everyone on the planet, absolutely free with the only cost involved is your time, effort and heart intent…..


Till next time....... blessings to all!





L.R. Toowoomba 2016

It helps me to be calm and relaxed. It’s my favourite night of the week! i am now more positive about myself and i am able to say "no" when i need to.

B. M. Toowoomba 2016

If I miss a Monday class, I really feel the difference. I'm really amazed at the difference it makes to my week.