2019 December News

  • 01 Dec 2019

Here we are again at the end of another calendar year, the No. 3 catalytic year of 2019! Most of those I have been in contact with, it seemed to have certainly been a catalytic year; challenges, changes, shifts, releases and so on…. Well, the old saying goes we cannot move ahead unless we rid off those baggage of the past that’s keeping us in limbo or stagnant, creating more challenges for us, and so the wheel goes around again and again!


Hopefully, those who are embracing these changes have worked through them as they arise in order to head into the new year of 2020; a Master number year of double 2. Any year that is a Master year indicates amplified significance of that number. The number 2 is all about our linear way of thinking, duality, split brain concept or just living in 3D.


According to the lunar calendar and the Chinese new year, 2020 begins on January 25th. It is the year of the metal rat; which means especially the metal industry will prosper. The rat is the first in the Chinese zodiac, indicating new beginnings, new developments, goals, inspirations, renewals, or anything that you wish to accomplish especially in the 3D reality.  Success is dependant on yourself being relentless no matter how challenging the situations appear to be and not be discouraged no matter how challenging it is.  Just stay focus on the prize!

Remember too that Christmas season could be for some, a time of isolation, destitution, loneliness or rejection of societal expectations. For these, we send our heart-felt warmth, love and blessings whatever their circumstances may be. There will be some who will hold out their hands to help. But for most of us will be busy with our own affairs; so do spare a moment to reflect on the less fortunate by sending blessings to them. It will help reinstate that we are all as One.

 Whatever your beliefs may be, the month is about connecting with our families, friends, enjoying the time of rest and counting our blessings of the past year.

 Wherever you may be, have a wonderful peaceful time, enjoying and celebrating life everywhere!

Namaste to all!


B. M. Toowoomba 2016

If I miss a Monday class, I really feel the difference. I'm really amazed at the difference it makes to my week.

K. C. Toowoomba 2017

I just love your "Sacred Space" as it has the most wonderful feel and it just restores my wellbeing - as well as making me feel quite emotional every time!!