2019 February News

  • 10 Feb 2019

In February, we get to say Happy Chinese or Lunar New Year! The official start to 2019, according to the true Lunar calendar is 5th February with the new moon. This is the Chinese year of the Pig.


The pig is the last animal according to the Chinees zodiac of 12 animals. The pig’s chubby face and big ears are symbols of wealth. People born in the Pig year are realistic, loves to entertain and be entertained, loves life, have no problems treating themselves to good things in life. They are energetic and enthusiastic about everything with lots of patience and rarely lose their temper. This makes them ideal to work in tedious boring jobs! 2019 Pig year is about being realistic, making money or investing because Pigs attract joy, happiness and success in every way.


Globally, it could start a new social order, new regimes or even new government. It is also a good travelling year, so if you have travels in mind this year, it is very favourable. The downside to the Pig year is that pigs like to daydream lots, so take care as not to be naïve and lose track of time, bring yourself back to being a realist immediately to prevent shortfalls.


From the Spiritual side of 2019, some words of wisdom from our Pleiadian families. This year is all about water, including too much, too little, internal water, external water, use water to cleanse yourself with inside and out! It’s about spreading energy like ‘butter’, see yourself as a Being with colours or patterns, just like a masterpiece painting. Many things will be revealed to you to help you to heal, try to see beyond matter and let yourself be loose, free of leads or chains. See how animals run free or fly free. The difference between us and a dog on a leash is that we can’t see our leash!


There will be much more happening with space time travelling for the next few years as mankind spread their wings beyond their limitations. Anger is prevalent as changes begins so keep your own energy field strong, release your negative feelings quickly.


Lastly, try to stay as calm as possible this year, learn to communicate more quickly, efficiently and calmly in the turbulent world.


Until next time…..



H.C. Toowoomba

When i do my Antahkarana Meditation twice daily it is like A MAGNET I feel such an energy in my Crown area - so widely open and a " flow " of energy - like a big open door -- a real connectedness to " ALL THAT IS " It is almost like " being there" - " HOME ".