2019 January News

  • 12 Jan 2019

Happy new year to all!


Welcome to the number 3 year, a catalytic number according to the Tibetan numerology system. Not only is 3 a catalyst, it is all about joy, creativity, communication, emotional, sensitivity, expression and socialising. It is a year filled with fun, joy and allowing our hearts desire to be in the driver’s seat. Allowing us to be more light-hearted, free spirited, and be creative in expressing our personal and working life.


2019 will be a pivotal year as we make decisions to implement changes, either good or bad. Many of us faced many challenges in 2018 with a double One in illumination. This is the year to freely express ourselves with compassionate communications from the heart, this is the key. The 3 vibration will activate the throat chakra, where personal and global expressions for the good of all will be heard. Honesty, integrity and freedom of expression will drive you to stand up and be heard to make changes. The 3 vibration will encourage you to find ways to nurture and care for yourself and others in more gentle and compassionate ways.


The reason behind this is the universal 3 vibration as in the commonly known Trinity such as Mother/Father/Son, Sun/Moon/Earth, Life/Death/Re-birth, Past/Present/Future. We use the 3 vibration in our expressions such as 3 Wise Men, 3 Strikes and you’re out, father/son/holy spirit, 3 little pigs, 3 coins in a fountain, 3 blind mice, 3 trimesters in pregnancy, 3 parts of an atom, The truth whole truth and nothing but the truth, 3 pyramids of Giza or Get ready/set/go etc.


Our body is also in alignments of 3 such as 3 parts to the arm being upper arm, forearm and hand; 3 parts of the leg being foot, shin, thigh, 3 parts of a finger or toe, our body is upper, lower, torso, or 3 parts to the spine.


In our environment we also see the 3 vibrations as in plants have a trunk, branches, leaves; there is ocean/land/sky, the moon wax/wane/full; our planet is earth/sun/moon; we describe metaphysically As above/so below/so within.


This is a reminder of your Being and align yourself to the universe with your Mind/Body/Spirit to become a vehicle of possibilities and synchronicities; moving away from the belief of impossible into the multi-dimensional of I’M Possible!


Being a catalytic year of number 3, choose wisely as to what you wish to achieve as whatever the decision is, it becomes a catalyst in years to come…


Toowoomba 2017

I have found the Feng Shui workshop very informative and helpful. You are a good presenter using examples that are easy to follow.

Kate, Toowoomba 2016

With regards to our incredible meditation recently I find that in my mind I can 'go to' that special time whenever I feel a bit pressured and it feels wonderful.