2019 July news

  • 04 Jul 2019

Let’s continue with our winter tips to stay healthy, strong, conserving our energies until it’s time for spring!


We’ve all heard of the Rainbow Diet, that means eat the foods with various colours like the rainbow in order to obtain good health while preventing chronic diseases. Have you noticed the variety of colours of our fruit and vegetables plus their shape? All these are indications as to their health benefit for the human body.


Colour pigments of the fruit and vegetables are generally divided into 5 categories, red, blue-purple-black, orange-yellow, green, and white-brown. They also corresponds to the 5 elements in Chinese medicine too, which contains many correspondences that relates to our glands, organs, taste, senses etc.


The table below gives an indication of all these correspondences from the 5 elements perspective:

  • Fire – heart/small intestine – red – bitter flavour – tongue – love/joy
  • Wood – Liver/gallbladder – green – sour flavour – eyes – anger
  • Earth – Spleen/stomach – yellow – sweet flavour – mouth – worrying
  • Metal – Lung/large intestine – white/brown – pungent flavour – nose – grief
  • Water – Kidney/bladder – black/blue/purple – salty flavour – ears – fear

Keep in mind the 5 elements correspondences with the organs and what it relates to plus the colour, you can then determine that particular fruit or vegetable will help to nourish that particular organ.


For example, we are in winter season, so the Water element is about kidneys/bladder, with salty, black/blue/purple colour foods or fruits to enhance our body. Any food that has this dark pigment are good such as black beans, kidney beans (shape of the bean represents kidneys), berries, grapes especially dark grapes, beetroot, eggplant, plenty of good salts and slower cooking as suggested in last month’s news.


The other colour spectrum is not difficult find such as all things green, sour taste such as sauerkraut or apple cider vinegar, leafy green vegetables are extremely high in calcium and alkalising. There are an abundance supply of green fruits or vegetables, all to keep our liver happy!


Heart fire can be seen in red vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, rhubarb or watermelon. The bitter taste is more difficult to find and less tempting, but consider cayenne pepper, bitter melon, alfalfa, lettuce, rye, asparagus, quinoa, celery or radish. Even though some of these are not red in colour but the bitter flavour allows it to permeate the heart cells more readily.


Earth element with yellow fruit and vegetables with sweet flavouring is also not difficult to find. The main thing is to watch the amount of sweet flavouring as we tend to over stimulate this element. Sweet tooth people can always utilise natural sweetness in fruits rather than processed sugars.


The metal element with organs of lung and large intestine can be a challenge to find with these foods. Some common pungent foods are garlic, scallion, mint, or chamomile. White colour vegetables can be used such as onion, turnip cabbage, horseradish, ginger, cinnamon or kohlrabi.


Remember these are only a small list of the wide varieties of fruits and vegetables available. The general rule is to eat seasonal fruit/vegetable as nature has designed it to be complimentary to our body at certain times of the year or seasons. No one knows the workings of the human body than mother-nature!





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