2019 May news

  • 04 May 2019

Wesak Festival......


May, the month of Wesak festival, is a well-known celebration of the great Buddha. Thousands make their pilgrimage to a secluded valley somewhere in the Himalayas during the full moon. It is believed that the great Buddha makes an apparition for a brief moment, performing a water ceremony with his great brother the Christ and his adepts and disciples. He sends a world blessing which radiates from the gathering into the rest of the world.

This celebration is a group effort in order to become a collective consciousness and spread this annual blessing to others.


This is part of the three festivals of the year based around the full moon, 1. The Festival of Easter in April, 2. The Festival of Wesak in May and 3. The Festival of Goodwill in June.  The three festivals are not truly related but are a unified spiritual approach for humanity’s consciousness. The energies surrounding these festivals are nothing but amazing to those who take the time to be aware of it and learn to be still in order to understand the deeper meaning of life itself.


In the Advanced Group Meditation in May, we take advantage of the full moon and Wesak celebrations during our get-together. We learn more about what the Buddha energies are all about while sharing our space with those who are present. It is a special time of the year as is Easter time.


Everyone is welcomed to join in, please see Events page for more details.


Until next month……..


Kate, Toowoomba 2017

Thank you for organising such a wonderful meditation morning. I am nearly lost for the right words - so special and I went deeper than ever during my meditation. I love the Q&A segment as well and it seemed to work really well following on from the meditation while we were still "in the zone". I enjoy your explanations as they are so easy to understand.

B. M. Toowoomba 2016

If I miss a Monday class, I really feel the difference. I'm really amazed at the difference it makes to my week.