2019 November News

  • 01 Nov 2019

A fun way to create or manifest…


We all recall as a kid we would sit in a boring classroom or listening to some boring adult conversation that doesn’t make any sense to us at the time, and we just simply day dream! Some of us remembers being scolded at by our teachers or parents when we did spend time day dreaming. Sadly as we got older, we seem to lose this ability to do so, or at least we don’t spend the time to do it as much due to the hectic lifestyle we create for ourselves. Or is the reason simply because we got “interrupted” whenever we spend time being idle and being in dreamland?


The innocence of a child knows no boundaries. We intuitively know how to create and manifest as a child because we had unlimited imaginations and unlimited potential and not so influenced by society or our environment.


So does that mean day dreaming is really that good for us?


It most certainly is indeed!


This is called getting ahead energetically speaking. In order to manifest your heart desire, you must first be able to see it as in day dreaming, smell it, breathe it, touch it and almost taste it if possible well before it becomes in the physical for you.


We all do this method of getting ahead just about every day, but don’t think anything of it. For example, we make a booking to go out to dinner, prepaid a ticket for a show or for a parking, make arrangements for your holiday trip or travels and more. This is simply getting ahead in order to see it through smoothly without any hiccups. These are mundane things but imagine if we did not do any of these things or arrangement we will see how much more challenging it is for us; thus creating stresses in our lives. These are simple activities that we don’t think too much about.


Now to try getting ahead of your creation and manifesting it is basically the same principle. By using your imagination or visualisation, you see, hear, smell, touch or even roll play the entire scenario to the end including all the joyous moments or exhilarations from its outcome plus more!


We are an amazing Being, able to create anything we wish. As soon as we have it in our imagination or thought form it enters your energy field immediately for you to bring it forth to the physical. Then you sit back, relax and stay focussed on your goal and allow it to happen. You will be pleasantly surprised!


The only reason why there is a lapsed time of occurrence is only due to the fact you may have old beliefs or negative baggage about not deserving it. Or that you truly do not belief you have the ability to create whatever you need. The outcome is solely dependent on your belief system. The Universe never fails to deliver to you what you dream about. It’s simply a matter of are you “home” to receive it or are you “ready to accept it unconditionally”?


Knowing it is that easy to manifest, let’s be kind to ourselves and allow our inner child to come to the surface and day dream away……….


Happy day dreaming!


Namaste to all!







D. H. Cabbalah 2017

Really enjoyed it, very helpful & informative.

Kate, Toowoomba 2017

Thank you for organising such a wonderful meditation morning. I am nearly lost for the right words - so special and I went deeper than ever during my meditation. I love the Q&A segment as well and it seemed to work really well following on from the meditation while we were still "in the zone". I enjoy your explanations as they are so easy to understand.