2019 October News

  • 11 Oct 2019

Staying in alignment to maximize your desires…..


Have you ever thought of how many different tasks you do every day from getting out of bed to going back to bed at night? Literally hundreds of tasks, some you’re not actually aware of doing, some mundane while some challenging.


Let’s break them all down into little tasks or experiences in a day. Take each tasks you do as a new experience from the time you get out of bed. It may be something like this; get out of bed, go to the bathroom, shower, dressed, brush your teeth, comb the hair and more before you make you way to the kitchen. There’s a lot of small mundane tasks already that you are not aware of doing. Sometimes you wake and know you have a busy day so you rush to get up, flying through mundane chores of getting ready to go, then rush to get to somewhere else. This is a classic case of being out of “alignment or synch” with yourself and creates resistance or challenges before you begin the day.


Instead of rushing to get somewhere besides where you are, take a moment to enjoy each tasks you do; pausing after each one is done. For example you could quickly say to yourself upon rising that you will now enjoy getting up, enjoy going to the bathroom that is there for me, then I’m going to enjoy my shower to wake me up and be thankful that warm water comes out from the tap to bathe me, then I’m going to enjoy my choices of what to wear for the day, then I’ll look into my mirror to see a happy face, brush my hair and enjoy the skin lotion to pep me up, then I’m going to my kitchen and enjoy my breakfast to nourish my body, then I’m going to enjoy………….. Even driving somewhere, we could get into the car and simply say to ourselves that I’m going to enjoy this drive, getting through heavy traffic, getting an easy parking, getting there on time………..


By thinking this way you begin to set yourself up to enjoying the day, flowing with the energies instead of against the current. It becomes easier and easier with a little practice daily. It’ doesn’t take long for you to get into a routine just the same as you have developed your old habits.


The idea is simple to achieve, training yourself to appreciate the moments, grateful for all you have before you and allowing yourself to enjoy being in the moment. By doing this you automatically set yourself up to be in alignment to continuously receive the good stuff or whatever synchronicity is there for you at that moment.


 By rushing through your tasks you are saying to yourself that whatever you’re doing or about to do is not important or relevant in your life. Most of us don’t give ourselves permission to enjoy every tasks we do including the ones that seem to be mundane or unimportant at the time so we dismiss it in order to rush to more “important” issues of the day. When we think this way we get out of alignment and set ourselves up to face more challenges unnecessarily. In reality everything is important and everything has the potential to be experienced fully as enjoyment even the tedious or mundane tasks!


Once we practice this simple way of thinking we become more and more aligned automatically and life becomes one big synchronicity, co-incidences, flowing with joy because the energies are now flowing towards you not around you.


This is the secret to overcoming stress, anxiety, illness of all kinds and above all shortening our life spans!


Try it for a few days or longer, allowing life to flow with joy and simplicity and see where it takes you……………





Joy, Toowoomba 2014

Most enlightening & uplifting day. Thank you Daphne.