2019 September News

  • 05 Sep 2019

What does being in your vortex of energy or alignment mean?


Last month our meditation group focused on being in alignment or being in your own vortex of energy, how to stay in it, why, and know when we’re not in it.


What does all this mean?


We all want abundance, prosperity, good health, and many more of the good stuff. We might try praying, wishing, dreaming, or resort to hard work to try to achieve our goals. How often have we quietly asked for the Divine Source for things that we want, especially abundance or even healing of some sort. How often do we not see it happening or at least not happening fast enough or get what we had asked for?


So why is that we still don’t receive what we’ve asked for? Who do we ‘blame’ when things don’t happen or do we just re-instate the fact that we really ‘don’t deserve' or ‘we’re not good enough to receive that abundance’ or that ‘it only happens to others but not me’ syndrome?


The great news is that these thoughts are all wrong! Source or whatever nature of the higher being you wish to call it, hears it (the first time!), creates it, then delivers it to you immediately! Hard to believe for most. But it’s true!


Then why don’t we see it or receive it? The simple answer is that most of us are not in “alignment or in our own vortex of energies connected to this Source” at all times. It is like a delivery man dropping off your bag of goodies but you’re not at home or anywhere nearby to receive this goodie. So the delivery man tries and tries again until you come home one day to receive it.


This is what alignment is all about. If you ask for something, it cannot manifest if you are not “home” to receive it.


Being in alignment or in your vortex of energies connected to Source is not that hard or complicated. Did you know you are 100% connected as soon as you fall asleep? That is because your consciousness and ego-ic self has shifted out of the way and allowing your true self to take over. This is why some of our challenges can be resolved once we ‘sleep’ on it.


The next question is how to stay in alignment or stay in our vortex of energies connected to Source? That’s far easier than what you think. Of course the ultimate idea is to go into your meditative state and you are pretty much aligned straight away. But this is not a practical way to live your awakening hours unless you live in the mountains in a monastery as a monk!


The second best thing to do is to go into your emotions of being in a happy place, peaceful, joyful, loving, excitement, contentment or blissful. All these emotions are branches of unconditional love and will immediately align you to your true self, your Spirit self, connected to Source. It is a simple equation of either being in alignment or out of alignment. Being in alignment allows you to experience abundance, synchronicity, infinite creative juices flow, aha moments come, amazing health and vitality and all things positive! Being out of alignment allows you to experience an uphill battle with life, all negative emotions or feelings, endless treadmill of challenges getting nowhere and so on.


Sounds easy to do and it really is that simple. Us human tends to get caught up with our daily issues, people or environment and easily forget how to be ourselves or be in the moment and experience whatever we need to at the time. It only takes a brief moment to think of a happy moment that we’ve experienced before. The wonderful thing about our body is that we hold happy memories in our hearts forever! All we need to do is bring it up whenever we want to feel that moment again, almost like reliving it instantly! That emotion/feeling is all that is needed to bring us back into alignment with Source and shifting our energies to that higher, lighter vibration that we are meant to be!


So make your choice, do you want to be in alignment and be inside your vortex of energy connected to Source or be out of it?


Until next time…….









Kelli, Toowoomba 2012

Found all workshops very useful to use with everyday life especially with being in close contact with people everyday.

S. C. Toowoomba 2017

This was much needed for where I was at in my life presently. Also the discussion afterwards confirmed to me of the things I have been doing are correct for me. I feel stresses drain out into mother earth and father sun regenerate me. Thanks again.