2020 April News

  • 09 Apr 2020

Opportunity for humanity to change.....


 It is challenging times for all on the planet at the moment. But rest assured there is definite light at the end of the day, much sooner than we think. Although at the moment it appears to be darkness for some.


Below is a lovely channeled message by Laura Romeiro to share with us. It is Easter time, a time for the Christ consciousness reflection, so most appropriate for us to read.


Channeled by Laura Romeiro -


“I’m here with you, one and all. As you experience this time of great uncertainty, know this: you may be certain that I AM always here with you, unwavering, standing next to you with love. I place my hand on your heart now, as a way of showing you our connection, to bring you strength, courage, peace and healing. To remind you that we Divine Ones are always near, to help you, to guide you.

Each and every one of you has an unprecedented opportunity to use the power of YOUR HEART, of YOUR LOVE, of YOUR LIGHT, to help ONE ANOTHER.

Will you join with the Divine in this call to action? Will you join with each other to help the world heal? At any given moment, there are thousands and thousands of people like you that are offering healing thoughts, prayers and intentions, creating a force of energy that reverberates around the world. This energy that comes from the heart has so much power to heal. Any time that you offer thoughts of healing and support you become part of this incredible force. Whether for 3 seconds or 3 hours, your healing thoughts and intentions matter. We are here beside you, all of God’s Angels, all of the Ascended Masters, are joining forces with you, to help heal your world, and yourselves. It brings us great joy to work with you, and for you. We are here. We are one. We are all.

Go and heal. Go and be healed. Know you are surrounded by the light and love of the most incredible love of All That Is.” ~ In love, Your Brother, Jesus


W. W. Toowoomba 2017

Very inspiring, now on my way to life changes. Thank you.

Kate, Toowoomba 2016

With regards to our incredible meditation recently I find that in my mind I can 'go to' that special time whenever I feel a bit pressured and it feels wonderful.