2020 August News

  • 11 Aug 2020


There was an interesting question asked earlier this month, which prompted a brief write up about it.


So here we go with some “technical” information for our left brain, linear thinking so we can at least draw a mental picture of how we work.


The questions to think about are, where is my Higher Self, how do I connect to it, how do I communicate better to it, and why is it important to do so?


Firstly, the various terms are used interchangeably from Higher Self to Soul, Spirit, or sometimes Higher Mind; but the meaning is all the same, so don’t get so caught up with name-sake otherwise it gets confusing.


From our left brain linear thinking everything has to be up or down, inside or outside so we can form a mental picture. Now we have to challenge our brain and just know that everything is interchangeable, within each other, the sum total is in every single cell within us and around us. Realistically there is no up or down, inside or outside, everything is within, so therefore we have to allow our left brain logic to take a back seat and allow the information to be absorbed.


We can visualise a concertina effect of all our bodies. First we have the densest frequency part that we see and feel which is the body. Then we have an auric field around our body which is not visible to most of us that is of a finer frequency, called our Innate.  Then we have an even finer energy part of ourselves that sits roughly above our head called Higher Self/Soul/Spirit. Then there are other more fine frequency parts above that too but we don’t need to get too complicated.


So this gives us an idea of “where” is our Higher Self situated. Just know that it is part of us, goes with us 24/7, is always trying to communicate to our physical body 24/7, is always correct and has our highest interest at hand 24/7.


Just like the hierarchy in our society with our local, state and federal government, where each one is responsible for various jobs and they all communicate to each other; allowing the federal government to make big decisions based on what the smaller local government is needing at the time.


Our Higher Self is always trying to send words of wisdom to our mind or brain with the best outcome possible for us, but sometimes we don’t hear it. Often we pass these niggling as imaginations and therefore ignore them and “miss the boat” so to speak. These would be opportunities missed. Often the Higher Self will send niggling to our Innate first then it is allowed to be filtered into our conscious mind to work out what it is sending us. Sometimes we get it other times we don’t.


The ideal way to live is to “listen” more to our Higher Self’s guidance, allowing trust and follow your instincts to achieve greater outcomes.


The easiest way to “hear” your guidance is through stillness when you are in a relaxed or meditative state while allowing the imagination or visualisations to unravel itself or you may be a feeling person where you’ll feel or sense whatever it is that you need to do.


The more you practise this with your intention of wanting to connect to your Higher Self more, the easier it becomes. Then you can start living your life in Spirit 24/7, the ultimate way to joy, fun and freedom to create your reality!


Until next time…..






M.D. Toowoomba 2017

A very good and understandable intro to Feng Shui. A well spend Sunday morning!

Jeanette, Norfolk 2011

Following the esoteric acupuncture treatment, I felt very relaxed and just wanted to lie down and rest. The following days were remarkable. My mouth ulcer (which was an open wound for two weeks and giving me great discomfort) disappeared within 24-48 hours. I began to feel ‘CLEAR’ in my mind and body. My energy increased and I was keen to do anything! I did some physical work at our house, then I received 5 requests for readings this week! I was able to concentrate on my astrology very well, and the readings were more intense. Whilst lying face down during your treatment, I saw my mother. She looked straight at me and her green eyes were wide and very clear, almost exaggerated. I understood that it meant I would be feeling / seeing things more CLEARLY in the days ahead. I also believe she was instrumental in bringing you to me. Daphne, I don’t know what you did, but I can’t thank you enough. I have been raving about you to everyone I meet. I am eternally grateful for your expertise in esoteric acupuncture...”