2020 February News

  • 06 Feb 2020

Dark night of the soul.......

We’ve all heard of this term, but when do we reach this point in our lives or do we?


Recently I have encountered a couple of people who have, in my experience reached a point in their lives, what we call “the dark night of the Soul”. Both are suffering from effects of cancer, lots of chemical interventions and have reached a point of being sent home to a shorten life sentence because there is nothing else left from the medical profession.


It becomes an ultimately critical point for them, having to make decisions on what they choose to do with the rest of the lives. Sadly to say, both are not aware of other choices can be made to strengthen their body and to lighten their minds and open their hearts to go within for answers.


We all reach this point, “the dark night of the Soul”, the severity varies according to the individual, but the threshold of decision making is pretty much the same for all. Some of us may reach this point a few times in their lives or others may never reach it. It all depends on their journey.


As we know the environment is rapidly changing, we as humans also need to adapt, change or allow for the adjustments to happen without resistance. Our whole planet is re-aligning, adjusting, adapting to changes hence we are experiencing extreme seasons, affecting our lives in every way. This effect filters right down to our physical body.


Now is the time to open our minds more to learn, ask questions, research or simply allow for new things to flow in rather than becoming rigid, resistant than suffer ailments.


All things are needing to do so, including the mineral, animal, plant and human kingdom. It is a very exciting time as well as challenging for all of us.


So what you choose to do when you reach “the dark night of the Soul” is your own decision, hopefully it will be a wise one!



Kate, Toowoomba 2016

With regards to our incredible meditation recently I find that in my mind I can 'go to' that special time whenever I feel a bit pressured and it feels wonderful.

M.D. Toowoomba 2017

A very good and understandable intro to Feng Shui. A well spend Sunday morning!