2020 January News

  • 11 Jan 2020

Happy new year 2020, a double master number year ahead!


2020 is a year of transformation, everything that we knew will begin to change from the inside and observing the changes around us. 2019 was a numerically 3 a catalytic year of transition or making way for changes. Now we approach 2020, a master number year of the double 2 and double 0.

It is a year to allow us to rise above old ways by making changes or allowing it to happen by our own awareness.


The number 20 symbolizes a change, transformation or improvements, leading to a better future. It can be from a mental to physical or environmental perspective.


We move into the master number of double 2s. The 2 is yin energy, meaning more intuitive, connective, sensitivity to fairness and feminine nurturing. It is also about relationships, duality, having two sides to every argument thus allowing us to have a bigger picture. It’s time to consider being “we” instead of “I”.


The master number of double 0 is about potential, vision of ideas or intentions of what we want in our lives without limitations of our linear minds. Then set it up to work!


2020 is also the number 4 year (by adding both 2s) an earthly number. It is best for connecting to earth, nature or cultivating your inner journey. The number 4 also symbolizes building your foundation from the earth up, organization of work or personal agendas; taking advantage of opportunities then implementing it with focus and clarity of your goals.


Much potential is available this year so how will you move ahead in your life with the energy of intention, connections in all relationships, personal, work or environmental?


So don’t sit back and watch, get down into the ground, get dirty and watch it grow!


May you all have a wonderful masterful year in 2020!



Kelli, Toowoomba 2012

Found all workshops very useful to use with everyday life especially with being in close contact with people everyday.

D. S. Brisbane 2018

I found the reading today very powerful for me as I know I was a part of Lemuria and mourn it at times. The music, I remember as a child, whenever I heard or sang it with others in linked arms I was very emotional and wept inwardly and only slightly outwardly as I was young and didn't want anyone to see me crying. I understand why now. I felt very connected, encapsulated, thank you.