2020 July News

  • 13 Jul 2020

Look for your sign posts, they are everywhere 24/7


After the last 3 months of intense internalisation of ourselves, it is time to emerge and discover that you have wings to spread, fresh air to breathe and sunshine to enjoy. Even though we are in the middle of our winter months, some days are so pleasant to be in the warmth of the sun that everyone should do so if possible.


This month is about realising that things have changed from a personal level to a global level.  Sometimes we cannot see what is changing or what is needing to change due to our limited mind. But our Spirit knows what our full potential is.  It is guiding us, urging us, prompting us or merely trying to relay messages or confirmations to us at all times. But most times in our awaken state we tend to miss these promptings or signs.  So therefore at times our Spirit may speak to us through our dream state by showing us various things, symbols, incidents, people, or animals; making sure we remember them once we wake up. Take note and you will soon enjoy looking for these sign posts that are sent to you from your Spirit self; helping you to understand yourself more and your soul path.


Some of the common ways of communication from Spirit in dream state or awaken state are through numbers, animals, words spoken or written somewhere, colours, or sudden memories of long forgotten thing/incidents/people.


Animals are the most popular messengers as in dreams or alive. Take note of any unusual animals that may cross your path and find out what they mean. This is quite a fun thing to do. You don’t need to buy books. All you need to do is google the animal’s meaning and whatever it is you need to know will be there for you to find. Spirit has a great sense of humour and it is a fun way to find out your path, direction or simply confirming something for you. Trust in yourself and your Spirit to show you what it is that you need to know.


Numbers are also very popular with each number having a special meaning. Numbers are everywhere if you choose to look. For example you may look at a clock at a particular time, car number plates, age, phone numbers, or just numbers flashing pass you for no apparent reason and you notice them. Check them out as they can be messages too.


Below are the list of Tibetan meanings for numbers to use as a reference:

  • 1 – new beginnings of anything
  • 2 – duality, responds to free choice, filled with decisions to make
  • 3 – catalytic, energies moves other things without moving itself
  • 4 – earth, Gaia, grounded number
  • 5 – change, energies of situation/place/year etc is change
  • 6 – spiritual high number, harmony
  • 7 – spirituality, has spiritual basis, good for organisations/ altars use
  • 8 – manifestations & abundance of all things
  • 9 – completion, end of something but completed, graduation, finishing

Now is the time to start looking at changes that are taking place for each of us and that Spirit is always trying to encourage us to follow enlightening our soul journey.

Until next time….




H. C. Toowoomba 2018

You have given me confidence now to move on - yesterday was the " brick wall " for me. I had been struggling with what was happening in my meditations. I find my Meditations at your beautiful Centre keep me on that same journey of love.

Wendy, Laidley, Qld 2011

“I was surprised to find esoteric acupuncture uncovered deep seated emotions that I had not been aware of. On the last day of my treatment I was feeling a lovely sense of peace when I saw a light and a face appeared to me. It asked, ‘Are you ready to receive me?’ I answered ‘Yes’ and the words, ‘The Host’ came to me. I then saw a robed figure run his hands over my body from my head to my knees and then disappeared. I was left with a feeling of lightness, peace and wonder. I’m very grateful to Daphne for her dedication and service to help those who ask for it.”