2020 March News

  • 22 Feb 2020

When you reach a stagnating point in your life…


Have you ever reached a point in your life where you feel stuck, stagnated or not moving anywhere despite the fact you’ve been working hard at all aspects of your life from physical to emotional or mental stuff that you wanted to let go of?


We know we have emotional issues to let go of or release when we suffer a physical ailment. Most times we would address our physical complaint immediately from various sources; sometimes with great success, sometimes not, or sometimes it just won’t get better or comes back repeatedly.


These are indications that a deeper underlying emotional issue is buried within you; most likely from the past. Often they are suppressed negative emotions which we think we have dealt with or forgotten. Hoping we can move on with our lives if we don’t think about them or remember them.


Suppressed emotions can bubble up at times reminding us that we need to deal with these. You may have done many different kinds of releasing, letting go, healing work or anything else you can find. When a sudden physical complaint appears or repeatedly showing up, then it is time to address it from a physical release as well as other healing or energetic releases.


The reason why we need to physically release these suppressed emotions is because sometimes when we are asleep our true Spirit self or guides will try to release these trapped emotions from the body for you as you had requested. But your strong conscious self or physical body is reluctant in letting go of these emotions. End results are that your body tenses so much while you are being worked on whilst asleep that it causes resistance in the body; hence physical complaints upon waking.


This is one reason why we need to have anaesthetic before an operation or hypnotic or altered state in order to manipulate or change the body. This is because it allows the body to totally relax without resistance.


Generally they are negative emotions that are suppressed. Because emotions are the responsibility of the heart, it is the heart centre that is able to release them. Your throat is the vocal point of releasing just as it is the vocal point of your expression or creativity.


So in order to help release pent up emotions, utilise your voice for this task. It requires the breath and the voice to push out these accumulated emotions. These negative emotions sit heavily within the body causing tiredness, lethargy, unmotivated, depression, lacking in joy and more. They bog you down as well as infringe the free flow of energy or light coming into and out of your body.


Now try this exercise using your voice and breathe. It is very powerful!


Sit quietly and jot down in bullet point various issues that you remember that caused negative emotions such as anger, grief, sadness, frustration, guilt, impatience, etc. it doesn’t need to be in lengthy details, just bullet point of that incidence will do as your subconscious remembers all the details! Start from the beginning, at birth, as a child, school age, teenage age years, young adult, adult, married life, relationships during your life time, current situations, etc. You can always add more as you think of them at a later date.


With your list ready to go, sit quietly, sink into your heart centre. Ask your Spirit or guides to help you release suppressed emotions using your voice. As you take in a deep breath, allow it to fill you up with light, pumping you up. Knowing with this breath of light it will push out those pent up emotions as you vocalise your chosen sound. Then make your sound as loudly as you can while visualising that boulder of emotions shattering, shifting, dissolving out of your body. You can chose whatever sound you like such as “Ohmm, Ahhhh” or just a quick gush of expelled air will do. Work through each point you have written, with a new breath. Once you have completed your list you can always add an extra point to cover all those residual bits and pieces of emotions that you are not aware of nor remembers. This will ensure you cover it all.


After each breath, ask if you have released enough of this point. You will get a sense if you need a couple more breaths if they are big issues or it may only need one breath. Trust your own intuition.


You can repeat as often as you like with a new list or just one item.  Just remember suppressed emotions are heavy and stagnates you. Once you begin this process you should feel lighter and happier very quickly because energies will begin to flow to you again without getting bogged down.


Happy releasing!









S. C. Toowoomba 2017

This was much needed for where I was at in my life presently. Also the discussion afterwards confirmed to me of the things I have been doing are correct for me. I feel stresses drain out into mother earth and father sun regenerate me. Thanks again.

L.K. Toowoomba 2017

An incredible session, the Feng Shui workshop! A fascinating intro to Feng Shui. Have enjoyed it immensely and will definitely implement some of the principles. Also I feel confident to trust my own instincts in doing so. Thank you.