2020 May News

  • 09 May 2020

We continue on in May with the Global crisis affecting all of us. But there are glimpses of hope and big changes for the better heading our way very soon.


Everywhere we see shifts or changes with all people around us especially in our own local community or neighbourhood. Since we have been encouraged to stay close to home, many have commented how they have become more aware of their neighbours, community or people in general. It seems we have slowed down our pace of life, we are communicating better with our neighbours or even strangers in the supermarkets. There is definitely a sign of more openness, compassion or understanding between people everywhere. There are those offering help, those on the front line facing health risks or those who offer their support in other ways. No matter what the circumstances are, it is heart-warming to see how society can change attitude and show more compassion so quickly!


We know this is a major shift for human consciousness on a global scale and for the better. This is somewhat like a war, only it is between humanity and the microbe! It brings a smile to the face when we hear that countries warring and killing each other have agreed to put their guns down due to the deadly microbe! How is it that humans are able to kill each other with wars and fighting and yet are so afraid of the microbes that may kill them? This has to be an entertaining thought. What does this teach us I wonder?


Bacteria and viruses are around us at all times, in fact the human body is made up of a majority of bacteria and viruses! So perhaps we can think about what the real lesson here is for us humans to learn. Not only is this able to bring the billions on humans on the planet to work together and respect each other, but it enables us to re-evaluate our lifestyles, our way of life or a better way of life is more like it. It really is bringing us back to simplicity! Simple ways of living, simple acknowledgement of the earth, simple acknowledgement of all people beginning at home.


It is indeed a great lesson, a lesson that nobody misses out on! What a Master plan this is. It’s like hitting the “refresh” button on our computer and restart, reload, re-evaluate, re-set ourselves!


Take care of ourselves and each other; utilise this time and we will see a new way of life. Stillness comes clarity!



Until next time…….



K. C. Toowoomba 2018

As you guided us through each dimension, my head chakra felt as though it would explode. I felt very connected and incredibly happy as though I needed to laugh with joy!