2020 November News

  • 03 Nov 2020

Seeing is believing…….


I’m not one to critic movies or shows that are presented to us, but this one is well worth mentioning as it is a “message” for all of us.


Very recently we watched a Netflex sci-fi TV series which was only released a couple of months ago, hot off the press so to speak! There was only one series made due to possibly current global situation impacting on the costs of making movies. It’s called Away. It’s about a group of five (not by co-incident number five is about changes in numerology) astronauts sent by NASA to Mars to set up possibilities of living on another planet. It’s a typical sci-fi series with things happening that creates challenges along the way.


What is so “special” about this is the deeper meaning behind the show itself, of which one needs to think outside the square.


We’re all familiar with the global crisis impacting on everything and everyone. We’re also aware it is a global awakening to better our ways of living and preservation for future generations.


This show helps to shed a light on the possibilities of the positive outcomes from this awakening we’re all experiencing.


Firstly the astronauts are chosen from five major countries, that is Russia, China, America, India and Africa. The combination of these powerful nations working closely together to achieve success of the mission is an indication that the world needs to come together as one.


Then various ideas are implanted into this show to cover a broader audience, which is also an ideal of inclusiveness as one world. One of the main characters end up in a wheelchair which he struggle adjusting to.  There are challenges he faces as a dad while his wife is hurling through space to Mars as he copes with a teenage daughter in a wheelchair. There is also a Downs Syndrome teenager who make friends with the teenage daughter, clearly showing tolerance and acceptance of disabilities.


The African astronaut speaks a few times in his native African language, which apparently has never been heard of in movies, which pleased viewers of that nation. He also demonstrates his strong faith with the other astronauts which at times were accepted or at least respected.


The Russian astronaut develops progressive blindness while on this journey. Despite his arrogance, he wins the respect of the others after seeing and working alongside them.  The Chinese astronaut also displays a different character apart from the usual Chinese stereotype roles, which is a surprise to those watching.


The entire series is built on the success of humanity travelling to another planet, experiencing great challenges along the way. At some point it brings in human benevolence, tolerance, accepting but most important of all, showing that we must strive towards hope. Hope for the survival of humanity, hope for world compassion and hope for the preservation of earth itself!


An absolute reflection of what the global awakening is all about!


Until next time…..




W. S. Twba 2016

I can really relate to my reading, it helps me to understand where I am in my life as well my relationships to some of my family members. It all makes sense now. Thank you.

S. J. Toowoomba 2017

The Feng Shui workshop has given me something to work and focus on. It’s a good idea to work with one system to avoid confusion. I’ve been spring cleaning and de-cluttering so I can now look at each of my areas and decide what I want to do. Thanks Daphne.