2020 September News

  • 04 Sep 2020

Your state of mind is a choice…………


In our current society, it is important to keep reminding ourselves the importance of our mind-set. It is too easy to get caught up with chaos, drama, fear or false beliefs. The end results of these thoughts only carry us into that state of anxiety or heightened adrenals as we anticipate the fight or flight mechanism constantly. It is very taxing on our body not to mention the mind if this is allowed for long periods of time.


So therefore let us consider other options to stay peaceful, calm or in coherent frequencies so that we may see the world, not with rose coloured glasses, but from a calm, centred mind-set so that we are able to find solutions to best deal with circumstances while staying intact.


The most important thing to remember is that everything is energy; including the human body, furniture, plants, animals and also all our emotions. Yes, emotions are only just various types of frequency or energies, just like our human body is broken down to vibrations or frequencies, much like plants, animals or minerals are too. All around us are various types of frequencies ready for us to embrace, dismiss or even create a new one.


Visualise around us millions of strands of beads that represent energies of emotions; giving us choices, tempting us to grab one that suits us at the time. Different scenarios will entice us to take on board that particular strand of emotion. For example when we are upset about something we may take on the anger strand of emotion or frequency of anger. We may even keep this strand of anger within us for long periods of time, years even, not even realising we are still angry at something years ago. Now for an understanding of why we carry longstanding emotions that are not worthy of keeping such as anger, guilt, frustration, grief, sadness, anxiousness or fear. Sometimes these emotions are from so long ago we don’t remember its origin, but it is triggered when something reminds our subconscious of this strand of emotion; and presto, it comes up for us to deal with. Often we mistake this emotion for the current situation, but sometimes it is from our past buried deep within us. Some common physical symptoms of these can be feelings of anxiety or fearful for no reason, angry at slightest circumstances, palpations of the heart or just agitated. These could be pent up emotions that need to be released in order to feel peaceful.


There are many ways to work through these unwanted emotions; many books guiding us; counsellors or other professionals if it is disrupting your daily life.


One simple and easy way to let these go is suggested for anyone who wish to try.


Remember you do not have to keep these strands of emotions within you affecting your quality of life. Each emotion is just a frequency. When it surfaces, first acknowledge that it is an emotion coming up from somewhere in the past or present. Then visualise this emotion to move from within you up to the surface. Then continue to see this “energy cyst” move out of your body into something that will absorb it; for example into the ocean, open bon fire, or anything that your imagination suggests for you. Allow yourself to become like a “human Teflon” letting these emotions slide off and out of your body into the fire to be recycled by the Cosmos! You may need to do it a few times until you feel settled or as it surfaces from time to time. Also take a deep breath afterwards. The slow deep breath sends a message to all the cells of your body that it’s now gone, moved out of you.


It’s as simple as that 1, 2, 3. So when an unwanted emotion surfaces, first acknowledge it, then visualise your Teflon body to slide it up and out of you, then see it go into your method of recycling, then breathe!


After it this is done, look around your millions of threads of emotions, what will you choose to grab onto now? Ideally is to pick the joy and happiness strand! Visualise these strands entering your heart space, feel it, absorb it, allow it to spread around you inside and out. Then enjoy the feeling of this vibration; taking you to a calm and peaceful state; instead of entering the chaos around you!


Until next time…………..





Joy, Toowoomba 2014

Most enlightening & uplifting day. Thank you Daphne.

Kelli, Toowoomba 2012

Found all workshops very useful to use with everyday life especially with being in close contact with people everyday.