2021 April News

  • 05 Apr 2021

From humble beginnings…....


This month saw a new experience on talk-back radio about Dreaming the New Dream on FM 88 Brisbane. It was a good time to contemplate from my humble beginnings to where I am at presently. The talk-back show was about your own story from where it began to creating or living your dream. This means one had to think back to where had it all began, the journey, challenges along the way to end up at the present time. It is a good exercise to look at yourself from your past so that you may reflect on your achievements. We tend to not acknowledge all that we have done, learnt or changed from our past, however humble or seemingly insignificant it may be, but nevertheless an achievement along the entire life or soul’s journey while grounded on this plane.


Spirituality was taught at an early age, coming from an Asian Buddhist ancestry. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the “teacher appears” when one is ready! My own Master/teacher, who was “disguised” as a tarot card reader, appeared to teach me as much “new age” spirituality as much as what my, then young naïve state could cope. Much went over my head at the time, but it planted the seed for future growth as the time was right. For over a year, he patiently kept planting the seed into my mind, some was way beyond my understanding at the time, some intriguing, while some felt familiar somehow.


It wasn’t until the change of millennium of 2000, that the penny dropped and it was a change of career to become a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, to be more align with my soul purpose, of which I was still uncertain at the time. The changes happen relatively quickly from then onwards. Within three years, I moved on from traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture into Esoteric Acupuncture where my true Awakening started to light up faster and faster.


As I practiced more of Esoteric acupuncture, more Ancient Wisdom appeared before me to grasp, reminding me of my past lives, my own Knowing, my potentialities and more. I went leaps and bound with my Spiritual growth, affecting my healing work in positive ways.


By 2015, that familiar Knowing lead me to expand and develop my current wonderful healing centre. It was a true guidance from the stars, lead a step at a time, leaving sign posts everywhere to give me confirmations that I am following the “bread crumbs”.


Now it is 2021, I reflect back to my humble awakening to becoming the best healer that I can be, assisting as many as I can to also awaken to their own potential. With much help from the spirit world, Ascended Masters, Teachers, Guides, but most of all my own Christ Consciousness self leading the way. It has now become a fulfilling Soul journey which I am excited to be experiencing; the soul reason for my incarnation at this time! What a journey; what a journey still to come……..


If you wish to listen to this talk-back show you can click this link:


Facebook………… daphnefungshealincentre  under Videos



or google FM88 Radio, then click to Previous Shows on FM88 on the right hand side.


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H.C. Toowoomba

When i do my Antahkarana Meditation twice daily it is like A MAGNET I feel such an energy in my Crown area - so widely open and a " flow " of energy - like a big open door -- a real connectedness to " ALL THAT IS " It is almost like " being there" - " HOME ".

Kate, Toowoomba 2017

Thank you for organising such a wonderful meditation morning. I am nearly lost for the right words - so special and I went deeper than ever during my meditation. I love the Q&A segment as well and it seemed to work really well following on from the meditation while we were still "in the zone". I enjoy your explanations as they are so easy to understand.