2021 August News

  • 03 Aug 2021

Inner Child Work…


We’re all familiar with Inner Child work, maybe you’ve done extensive amount in this area already. If you’re functioning well, not affected or reactive by emotions in any detrimental way, chances are your inner child is quite joyful and that you are intact! Congrats!


But if you are not functioning at your optimal state, going through unexplained emotional issues for no apparent reasons, seemingly to be in a stable and happy environment but yet still don’t understand why you are not enjoying life to the fullest, then it may be a possibility that a part of you is “missing” or “shut down” or “not working” for you. Common signs of a hurt inner child ranges from lack of confidence, self-esteem, timid/shy to anguish or guilt and more.  The root cause may well be your inner child.


There is not enough understanding or emphasis of how this inner child hurt of the past has an effect on your adult life. Let’s explain this a bit more. Things may have happened from the time you were conceived or prior, during birth, after birth, childhood upbringing right through into adult life. Things happening beyond your understanding or control.


When circumstances happen beyond our control, as an infant/child, we don’t process it, therefore creating confusion or misunderstanding in a child’s mind. Over a long period of time, if unresolved, the child begins to develop ways/means of “protection” against hurts or harm in various ways. These ways become our “masks” covering or hiding what is hidden deep inside our hearts. The more the masks develop, the more we are unable to truly feel our true emotions of love, joy or happiness because it is always busy trying to keep that mask/protection in place.


By the time you are an adult, those original trauma, hurts or misunderstandings are well forgotten until one day, you start asking why you are like that, not realising that past issues are being replayed constantly at an unconscious level.


Those shields/protections that are wrapped around you are preventing you from experiencing great joy and happiness. These are the “missing, shutdown, not working” pieces within you; your hurt inner child hiding.


In order to recover these parts that are missing, we need to work to bring back that inner child within each of us; therefore becoming whole again. Experiencing life just like an innocent child, playful like a child, joyful as a child.


One method to work on your inner child is through deep meditation, connect deeply to it, encourage it to come forth for you instead of hiding deep inside, then win its trust and confidence back from you as the adult. Once this is done, your inner child will be “alive” again, integrated into your entire Being, achieving wholeness once more. Sounds relatively easy to do, and it is! It only takes effort, patience and determination in order to bring your inner child forth again.


If you feel you need work with your inner child, then you may wish to try a one on one deep meditation to help unlock this area of consciousness and truly start to heal. It is best to be able to record it so you may play it back regularly as you continue this work. Remember to be kind, gentle and patient in order to win someone’s trust or confidence. Your inner child is that someone, lost and afraid to come out. So therefore search within yourself and feel if your inner child is calling you for help. Listen, go within and bring it forth, become a playful child once more!


Until next time,




S. S. Burpengary, Qld 2012

“it has taken me many years of preliminary work such as meditation, massage & reiki just to be ready for the intense releasing process that is esoteric acupuncture! Thank you Daphne as I feel great."

S. J. Toowoomba 2017

The Feng Shui workshop has given me something to work and focus on. It’s a good idea to work with one system to avoid confusion. I’ve been spring cleaning and de-cluttering so I can now look at each of my areas and decide what I want to do. Thanks Daphne.