2021 February News

  • 08 Feb 2021

Happy and welcome to another Lunar New Year starting from 12th February, the year of the Ox. As we begin this cycle of the Ox, it helps to understand where we are going within ourselves and globally.


As mentioned in January’s news, 2021 is about a year of big changes no matter how insignificant it may seem, but nevertheless a change for everyone and everything. The Lunar new year of the Ox signifies the animal being a physically hard-working animal, ploughing away daily. Just like the ox, we can look forward to a literally hard-working year ahead in order to make the changes for a more positive outcome for ourselves; then effecting this change globally. The nature of the ox is diligence, dependability, strength and determination. All aspects to welcome changes in our lives. After the hardship of the previous year of the Rat which signifies renewal, new beginnings, we are now ready to implement that new beginning by putting our heads down and bum up so to speak.


So therefore no matter how little the change you make, it will have a positive impact on your life. It does not need to be drastic, just some little change such as introducing better quality food/drink, change your daily routine slightly, experiment with cooking, do spontaneous things that makes you happy or enjoy, spend less time worrying about the past or future and just be in the moment. A beginning of change starts with attitude to want to change; hence do so with minor changes first.


So far this year, there are many who made drastic changes in their lives such as relocation of residence, change of careers, determination in obtaining better health and more. All are leading to positive outcomes to encourage more changes!


Allow the hard-working ox energies to help you plough away at a new phase in your life.


Until next time……





M. N. Toowoomba 2012

Fantastic workshop. Have enjoyed this the most out of all the workshops. All very relevant for me at present. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom, much appreciated.– M. N.