2021 January News

  • 06 Jan 2021

Happy new year 2021………. Numerology a number 5 year of CHANGE big time!


Congratulations to all of us getting through 2020; a challenging year from personal to global scale. Feelings of uncertainty, down and out, or simply confusion is shared by all. At least we are all in this together supporting each other.


Now to move forward into 2021. In numerology a number five year, signifying changes in every possible ways, means and everything in between!


Many from an esoteric point of view seem to agree that 2020 was like a “reset” for humanity that had to happen in order for the world to make changes for a better place. This means for human consciousness to change, to evolve, to go deeper within in order to see what needs to be changed. To be guided by the heart and not the head.


Metaphorically speaking, 2020 was like being embalmed for preserving our species. Whilst within this cocoon like state of metamorphosis we hope to emerge like the beauty of the butterfly, spreading our wings and soar through the skies with limitless potentials.


But we are not quite at that stage of emergence as yet. 2021 is like our cocoon has been cracked, whatever is about to emerge is being worked on involving what we will we become, what do we need to change about ourselves and our world? Just like the shell of the cocoon, the old ways or beliefs will crumble from a personal to global perspective; allowing for new ideas, technologies or inventions to develop to help create more clean and green living!


We need to nurture our health more by taking responsibilities and accountability for ourselves instead of giving our power away to others. How we express ourselves or what we choose to hear from the media, both mainstream and social, needs discernment from within our hearts not our heads.


It will be a hard working year ahead for everyone as we begin to see all people and all things from a different perspective. Keep positive thoughts as much as possible, spend time being still in order to hear your inner voice calling, practice compassion, understanding and tolerance everywhere you go. Together, we shall ride the waves as we look forward to a more people friendly and compassionate society plus a truly united world ahead!


Namaste to all….



W. S. Twba 2016

I can really relate to my reading, it helps me to understand where I am in my life as well my relationships to some of my family members. It all makes sense now. Thank you.

Heather, Toowoomba 2017

I felt a bit grumpy the day after which is probably one of the feelings that you predicted may happen. I have been aware of a real shift and more lightness in me and I'm grateful for it. It's something I feel I can really build on.