2021 July News

  • 09 Jul 2021

Running out of time?


We’ve all experienced it, impatient with people/things, in a rush to get to another chore, at the end, it’s made worst due to our own impatience; sometimes creating tension between people or even accidents. All for the sake of moving faster to get somewhere else. Where do you want to go or get to? There is nowhere to go to or get to, because you are always HERE.


Keep in mind every emotion is a reaction from something, whether it be good or not so good reaction. When it is a happy reaction, it’s not difficult to analyse what the root cause of it may be. It’s just plain happiness or bliss because you’re aligned with your true self and when you are, happiness or joy always follow, no other way exists but that.


But when we are not in alignment with ourselves, our deep seeded issue rises for us to deal with or clear out. This is a wonderful universal law always trying to bring us back to our true core self in existence.


Getting back to impatience with ourselves or others, it may well be indicating we’re not happy being in the present moment so we want to get to the next thing and the next thing repeatedly, trying to achieve more in one day as each day unfolds. This is not only, not living in the moment to enjoy the moment, but also a deep seeded belief of “a lack of”, “not enough of”, “not good enough”, in order to strive to the next task for fulfilment.


The belief that there is “never enough time, money, food, etc” is an indication of us not acknowledging abundance of all things at all times. Somewhere along the way, we developed this belief that we need to prove to ourselves, our parents, our partners, society or anyone else, that we deserve abundance, that we are already in abundance but just not yet realised it. Most of us have a bit of perfectionism within us, which in small quantity allows us to achieve our best. But when this becomes too focused on, it becomes detrimental to our well-being. It makes us critical or judgemental of ourselves, of others, of the need to achieve more or better, of never reaching satisfaction, of not realising everything is perfect just as it is, achieving and unfolding as life brings us each chapter from moment to moment and not a moment faster. Each one of us reacts to each moment at our own pace or desire, no matter how it appears to others.


So next time you get impatient with yourself or others, thinking you’re out of time, stop and reflect on the matter at hand. Acknowledge there is always plenty of time to do everything we want to do. Allow others who trigger our impatience to be as it should be; a friend indeed helping us to learn to be in the moment and that the past or future doesn’t really exists because we are constantly in the NOW with abundance of everything at arm’s length just waiting for us to grasp.


What will you choose to grasp and when will you grasp this…….. ALWAYS NOW!


Until next time…




K. C. Toowoomba 2017

I just love your "Sacred Space" as it has the most wonderful feel and it just restores my wellbeing - as well as making me feel quite emotional every time!!

S. J. Toowoomba 2017

The Feng Shui workshop has given me something to work and focus on. It’s a good idea to work with one system to avoid confusion. I’ve been spring cleaning and de-cluttering so I can now look at each of my areas and decide what I want to do. Thanks Daphne.