2021 June News

  • 13 Jun 2021

From “change” to “transition”


Now that we have an awareness of various aspects of ourselves that need to be changed, we broaden our perspective and see changes beginning globally as well. It may appear to be daunting, overwhelming or fearful of changes on a huge scale, but rest assured that it is necessary in order to achieve a better world for all. It simply begins with each individual, allowing small changes to take place initially, then watch it evolve and have a snowball effect.


Let’s go back to the humble beginnings, making changes for the self initially. Make a decision to implement some changes in your life starting today. However minor it may appear to be, it will nevertheless have a positive effect on you. It may be a change to the start of your day, for example, what about upon waking while you’re still warm and cosy in bed, call in your own Christ Consciousness to anchor in your heart centre and ask to be shown the best you can be today on your soul journey; then carry on with your day. A simple change in your daily routine is so profound; such as take a set time out for yourself to just sit and allow yourself to catch up or feel your environment. Minor changes to your diet or food/drink as you intuitively know what your body is crying for, will have a huge impact on your health for the better. Just remember all changes need to be easy to apply or fun to do otherwise that “ego” self will cause resistance big time!


As you do the work on yourself to make changes, watch the world make its debut on changes too. The catch is not to get so caught up with all the fear factors involved and just realise your positive changes and as a collective, positive changes are made, therefore will help to neutralise the fears floating about.


Remember 2021 is an entire year for changes from minor to major, so it’s a strong focus of changes from a personal level through to our community, government, religious groups, pharmaceuticals, financial institutions and other major organisations impacting us on a global scale.


So knowing and understanding this fact, let’s all make an impression on ourselves just by allowing the transition to take place, from our humble beginning to a global shift together! Let's rise above to 'rebirth' like in the legendary Phoenix!


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Toowoomba 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui Workshop, everything was valuable and I recommend it to anyone.

D. S. Brisbane 2018

I found the reading today very powerful for me as I know I was a part of Lemuria and mourn it at times. The music, I remember as a child, whenever I heard or sang it with others in linked arms I was very emotional and wept inwardly and only slightly outwardly as I was young and didn't want anyone to see me crying. I understand why now. I felt very connected, encapsulated, thank you.