2021 March News

  • 01 Mar 2021

When the student is ready the teacher comes….


We’ve all heard of this saying, how appropriate it is sometimes.


You are a teacher to all those you meet; you are also a student to all those you meet….. A wonderful harmonic, balance and exchange of universal energies.


Every person who comes into our lives are here to teach us something, just as we also become the teacher to them.  This includes all relationships, be it good or bad.


This month of March, I contemplated wondering what could be shared in this month’s news/blog area. Something enlightening came to my attention that’s worthy of written words for all who takes the time to enjoy a few moments out of their day to look, listen, learn and most of all just Be-ing.


I had the honour of meeting David Trood (son of our Soul sister Helen Ruby) many years ago. There was an instant familiarity with David’s energies, almost like a past remembrance of lives before shared, a soul brother indeed! David is a beautiful soul with much to share, teach and learn from. He had been living overseas, travelled the world, a soul of many talents of which photography is way up there. His photographs are not photographs, they are living and alive emotions of human expressions without words. David is now back in Australia, learning to appreciate mother earth more and more. He delivers some of his experiences in his U-Tube series called The Weedy Garden.


David made a short story based on his insights and connectedness with nature and came up with “The Best Idea Ever…..” It is well worth looking at and perhaps keep in mind to do as suggested. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing but all to gain by participating. To find out more, take eight minutes of your time to check out his message straight from Gaia!


We all get caught up in the roller coaster of our lives so easily. It is when we stop, look and listen for a brief moment that we bring our frequencies back in harmony; harmony with ourselves, with nature, and harmony with ALL.


So listen from time to time and look around as there is a message somewhere from someone to bring us back to the simplicity of all!


Thank you David, much love soul brother!



The Weedy Garden, The Best Idea Ever – David Trood

If you are unable to open this link, type in “The Weedy Garden, The best idea ever”. By David Trood 8 mins YouTube.


Enjoy this “time out for me” moment…………..


Until next time




B. M. Toowoomba 2016

If I miss a Monday class, I really feel the difference. I'm really amazed at the difference it makes to my week.

Cathy, Toowoomba 2013

Wonderful as always, beautiful energy & just soaking it all up like a sponge.