2021 September News

  • 08 Sep 2021

Embracing your Personal Power…


Most explanations of personal power is your ability to influence other people or circumstances; and that it’s your attitude or mind set at play. But here, we are not so concerned about the ability to over power someone or to empower someone to your liking. It’s more about understanding and recognising how much personal power you possess!


As we progress along with our own soul journey, we gradually discover more and more about ourselves; which is what the entire journey is all about. Some things may surprise you while other things are not believable such as your ability to create, manifest or change circumstances to suit your desire.


Over the years of learning, experiencing, challenged, repeatedly doing the same thing over with poor results, I have come to realise some of these things are easily controlled or changed to create a better outcome.


There has been numerous occasions when the best possible outcome may not seem to be reachable. Some of these amazing stories have already been shared with everyone. But yet we still have doubts about ourselves and how personal power is only a mere talked about subject rather than a fact that can be applied to every circumstances you may face daily.


For example, the most common fun thing to utilise your personal power is the environment or weather! After all, it’s your reality, your creation and you have the ability to create probabilities that you desire. That’s powerful!


A recent little experience was a triumph. I had to take my elderly mother out at 6am to do her fasting blood test one morning. Days prior had been poor weather, cold, extremely windy, raining miserable. There was concern for that time of the morning to take an elderly person out. Therefore, with personal power in mind, embracing the power within our hearts for good intent, a command for fine, tolerable weather was needed for an hour from 6am to 7am that day (specific requests!) While the personal power was called on, also a request for straight forward no drama experience to occur. Without a doubt, Universe delivers…… perfect morning, easily parking, walk straight in without waiting, easily done, then home, all within 20 mins! By mid-morning the weather had worsen to high winds, cloudy, cold and unpleasant…. What more to say?


There are numerous occasions to share to encourage each of us to consider our own personal power to be a natural gift, part of your make up, ready for you to embrace and create your hearts desire.


Now the question is how do we achieve this?


It is not a complicated process at all. All you need is your intention of what you desire, always from your heart, state what you wish to happen, then visualise what it is you want to happen so that you almost feel, smell, act that scene you desire. Then allow it to be delivered. Most importantly, is not to be influenced by others negative attitude!  If it does not happen the way you desire, it may be due to the fact there is a lack of your believe in your personal power and your ability to create; or you are not clear as to what you desire so the Universe is also not clear in delivering which probability you requested.


The more we practice utilising our personal power, the faster we become at creating our desires. Start with simple scenarios, and do not be disappointed with yourself, that itself feeds your ‘doubt’ or ‘confidence’. Just accept whatever the outcome is for that time, and try again next time with a different scenario or different attitude.


After all, this is what your soul journey is all about, create, manifest and realise your own potential in using you true Personal Power! All that’s needed is TRUST….


Until next time



Joy, Toowoomba 2014

Most enlightening & uplifting day. Thank you Daphne.

Kelli, Toowoomba 2012

Found all workshops very useful to use with everyday life especially with being in close contact with people everyday.