April News

  • 27 Apr 2017

Welcome to Daphne Fung’s Acupuncture and Healing Centre’s first news article!


In this section of News, there will be various topics mentioned from time to time, based on what is happening around us, as well as new events in future.


This new website is a reflection of the changes taking place at my Healing Centre. Getting rid of the old systems, old beliefs or letting go of traditional ways of processing has to be replaced by something newer, finer as more subtle energies surround, us waiting to cleanse  our complete body systems.


This month, esoterically, April’s full moon on 11th was the Festival of Resurrection. It was about the Christ energies, the fire of Aries at full moon, purification and resurrection. Very intense time around Easter celebrations. Watch for the next full moon on 11th May where we head for another intense time of Wesak. Wesak is one of the most sacred days where we experience immense Light from the cosmos coming through mystical Shamballa in the Gobi Desert, head office of our Spiritual Teachers. Both full moons falls on numerically double one. More details in May’s news.


New categories:

One of the new category in this website is the ability to purchase any of the Earthing Products online. Under the Products category of Earthing Products, there is a direct link to Barefoot Healing, of which I am affiliated with. From this link Barefoot Healing website enables you to purchase any items online.


Another new category is Function Room to hire. This Healing Centre hopes to encourage anyone or groups to conduct workshops, classes, meetings or talks in the field of health and healing.


In the near future, more things will be available through this website so watch this space.


Meanwhile, please feel free to browse, send me your feedbacks, or you may even notice yourself in there somewhere! As we create a merkabah of healing energies, you become the collective consciousness to help magnify this Light to our surrounds!


Until the next news article, Namaste to all!




L.K. Toowoomba 2017

An incredible session, the Feng Shui workshop! A fascinating intro to Feng Shui. Have enjoyed it immensely and will definitely implement some of the principles. Also I feel confident to trust my own instincts in doing so. Thank you.

Glenis, Toowoomba 2017

Excellent Daphne so please I came thank you for educating us.