June News

  • 06 Jun 2017

Animals need to Ascend too.

Earlier this month, an incident concerning a wild wallaby reminded us that the animal kingdom also needs to Ascend to the higher realm as well as the human kingdom.

One beautiful fine blue sky morning, a client sat in our Zen garden, enjoying the sunshine and peaceful surroundings whilst waiting for her sister having a treatment in the clinic. She noticed a wallaby lying down eating, seemingly quite contented, and did not disturb him. It’s always wonderful to see the natural environment including the native animals enjoying themselves. She even took a photo of the wallaby. Upon seeing the wallaby happily eating away, no further attention was given to him for the rest of the day.


Early the next morning, we noticed the wallaby was still there in the same position, so we investigated further. We found it seemed to be paralysed in the back legs and could not move it. A quick call to the local vet specialising in wild life, asked for it to be taken there for further investigation. Unfortunately, the wallaby had been in that position a little too long so there was nothing that could be done for him. Sadly he was laid to rest peacefully, ascending to wallaby haven.


The astonishing thing was that the wallaby laid down directly in front of the little praying monk statue in the garden beds, awaiting for his fate. How ironic? It was almost as if the wallaby intuitively knew he wanted help, and what better position than directly in front of the praying monk! The garden is of substantial size, but he chose a particular position.


The message here, I dare say, reminds us that animals too need to ascend to higher energetic levels as do humans. What better place than to choose a healing centre, in prime position of a praying monk for him! Higher intervention at play here…………perhaps not……. only the wallaby can tell us.


Next Advanced Group Meditation is 25th June, from 9am – 11am, cost is $30.


June’s Advanced Group Meditation will be focussing on working with our negative ego-ic self. After the high octave healing from Wesak in May, it is time to start “clearing” out the closet of old beliefs, much of which is influenced by our very strong negative ego. It is much easier to move forward without allowing old beliefs pulling us back at times. For further enquires or bookings please see Contact page.



K. C. Toowoomba 2018

As you guided us through each dimension, my head chakra felt as though it would explode. I felt very connected and incredibly happy as though I needed to laugh with joy!

Heather, Toowoomba 2017

I felt a bit grumpy the day after which is probably one of the feelings that you predicted may happen. I have been aware of a real shift and more lightness in me and I'm grateful for it. It's something I feel I can really build on.