October News

  • 14 Oct 2017

It’s time to disarm old energies and rise above it to higher dimensions…


The year of the Phoenix, a number one year, a year for new beginnings and new outlook on life begins in 2017. The year is fast disappearing so let it be time now to think about how we can utilise the rest of 2017. But it cannot begin when we have much old energies hanging around us; old school thinking. This only keeps us from moving ahead, bogged down, and life becomes a struggle instead of filled with joy and synchronicities.


The following are some tips to think about if you should decide to ditch the old and start anew.


Firstly, don’t look back or go back to the old energies that means no regrets! It’s gone, finished, there is only the now to look at.


Be patient with yourself and the rest of the world. There is a slow but progressive, methodical shift happening for the last several years already. We don’t seem to see it, but it has and still is. It’s like planting the seed in the ground and sitting there 24/7 expecting to see it grow before your eyes. That is impossible to do. The changes or growth for the better is happening everywhere, it’s just not possible to watch it moment by moment. There will be a continuous push/pull, good/bad happenings at all times. If we continuously focus on the bad things happening we forget the good things that are appearing before our eyes.


Choose wisely what you decide to submerge concerning matters of the media, political issues, social issues or even family issues. Don’t buy into dramas of any kind, instead just send your love and blessings quietly to those who need it most; instead of amplifying disasters, focus on amplifying healing.


Have an attitude change. Understand the fact that social networking plays a key role in manifesting a peaceful future. Although it can have its downfall, it is an instant communication amongst people around the world. It instigates immediate changes; it is the new paradigm to a tolerant society. This will become the bridge between cultural differences to create acceptance or tolerance no matter the race or country. The younger generation is the key to implement this, they already have!


Accept your physical body going through challenges as the new energies bombard our body. We will need to be mindful of these changes from a chemical level to cellular structural changes. Whilst this is happening, we will experience more physical ailments. This is what is called re-calibration of the “new” you!


Lastly, on a positive note, be open to the possibility of potential paradigm shifting, potential of better things happening, potential for worldwide communications to create inclusiveness, tolerance, and acceptance; that includes business, government and the home front.  Unification is the answer to all things!



B. M. Toowoomba 2016

If I miss a Monday class, I really feel the difference. I'm really amazed at the difference it makes to my week.

H. C. Toowoomba 2017

How much better can meditation get? Wow! Inner Child Meditation. my Inner Child went ZOOM from infant throughout childhood to 30 years old. This beautiful young lady - lots of light around her and she was light while still having the form of a young lady. When she put her arms up, 'twas like angel wings. I took her to my heart and cuddled her and I felt it in my being. How does one "come back" and let go to come back to the previous reality. I know she melded into my very being and I could really feel this - that is exactly what it felt like.