September News

  • 10 Sep 2017


How this healing centre began… synchronicity at its best………


Once upon a time……….. a feminine Being of Light wanted to expand her work by creating a true healing centre; one which encompasses the healing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human being.


Helped by her masculine Being of Light, the search began, but alas to no avail. All hope of creating this dream faded, until one fine day, the masculine Being of Light ‘accidently’ came upon a piece of land with good potential, easy to locate, appropriate size to create a perfect healing retreat. So the masculine Being of Light convinced the feminine Being of Light, after some hesitations and discussions, to take the first step of purchasing this “lucky piece of Mother Earth” and to see where it took them.


When all the subtle signs displayed openly at them, it was proven to be a right choice. Firstly, this piece of haven was the only piece left in a very quiet, country-like surroundings, just waiting for them to find. It was true validations of Divine Interventions that appeared soon after the decision was made to go ahead. They pieced together all the signs realising the street name itself was called “Merlin”, the little street was named “Crystal Heights”, the road it turned off was named “Wisseman’s Road”, and the best yet was seeing the property was number “Eight” the number for infinite abundance. It was truly a magical moment! Truly magical Merlin indeed!


After that, it was smooth sailing from there, designing, building, creating new energies, seeing this Magical Merlin appear literally out of thin air. A true beacon of Light rises to shine out to those who wish to come, to those who want to heal, and to those who want to learn more of who they truly are.


Today both the Beings of Light of this Healing Centre enjoys the work of spreading the joy of this creation with others; anchoring the Light in this part of the Mother Earth. These Beings of Light is Daphne and Darren of course. Together, the energies they bring forth from the Heavens and from the Earth will help many who come to visit.


Divine interventions?  Without a doubt! Dreams can come true when you trust and believe in yourself…………..





Toowoomba 2017

I have found the Feng Shui workshop very informative and helpful. You are a good presenter using examples that are easy to follow.

D. H. Cabbalah 2017

Really enjoyed it, very helpful & informative.