Guided Meditation CD

There are a variety of guided meditation CDs available from this Healing Centre. They vary from twenty to thirty minutes. It is best to play them with ear plugs so that it has profound effects on the subconscious mind.

For purchase please contact me.


Guided Wellbeing & Chakra Balance Meditation

This 25 minutes guided meditation introduces you to how to use the Bagha, an ancient yoga technique to help reprogram your subconscious mind, in order to achieve a wellbeing exercise to help heal your body and balance your seven Major chakras. It is a general meditation using visualisation to strengthen you chakras. Ideal for the beginner or just used as maintenance on a daily basis. $10 - sold out

Guided Meditation to Link Up With Your Higher Self

This 20 minutes guided meditation takes you on a journey to understanding a little about your Higher Self. Using a visualisation technique, you will be guided through this wonderful journey of meeting with and connecting with your own Higher Self as part of your eternal spiritual journey. Doing this meditation regularly will enhance your own connections to your Higher Self, allowing more profound knowingness. $10 - sold out

Guided Meditation to Transform Your Negative Ego

This 30 minutes guided meditation helps you to understand and transform your negative ego into a positive ego, your friend and ally, using the visualisation technique. We all have this aspect of our personality. Having a better understanding of this will help to know when it becomes a friend and ally rather than allow it to manifest undesirable influences. $10

Guided Meditation to Restore Your Personal Power

This 30 minutes guided meditation takes you on a journey to an enchanted island to help restore your personal power by using the visualization technique. You will understand that Dominion is a mindset to create the reality that you really want; and that it had always been there for us. It is through circumstances of our own experiences that we give our own  power away thereby leaving us feeling helpless or in victim state. $10 sold out

Guided Meditation To Release Your Anxiety

This 25 minutes guided relaxing meditation helps you to release the suffocating feeling of anxiety using the visualisation technique. Anxiety is so prevalent in our society that it inhibits us from moving forward. Living in the 21st century with the old paradigm does not suit our belief system anymore, therefore much anxiety and lack of trust in the world. Understanding our own Truth and letting go of old beliefs will enable us to move ahead freely. $10