Spiritual Healing

This Divine healing session uses special esoteric astral oils applied to the body to create specific energetic grids or patterns. Patterns vary from person to person based on what healing is required at the time of session. These patterns, creates spin fields based on sacred geometry, which unlocks specific codes for that person. Once energies are set and aligned, it is then up to the individual should they choose to open the doorway to expand their consciousness; helping them to realize their own potential, creating or manifesting their desires or simply finding their way in life.


Assistance are called forth from various Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings or any other Benevolent Beings to be present to support the healing session. Drawing forth tachyon energies and the special Selinite Swords of Light are also used.


At times the client may need to assist with guided visualization, or some spiritual mentoring is also given to help integrate the process for deeper spiritual healing. The full process helps to bring a sense of peace, wellbeing and more “aha” moments in one’s life.


The Spiritual Healing session may take about an hour, cost $120


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Jeanette, Norfolk 2011

Following the esoteric acupuncture treatment, I felt very relaxed and just wanted to lie down and rest. The following days were remarkable. My mouth ulcer (which was an open wound for two weeks and giving me great discomfort) disappeared within 24-48 hours. I began to feel ‘CLEAR’ in my mind and body. My energy increased and I was keen to do anything! I did some physical work at our house, then I received 5 requests for readings this week! I was able to concentrate on my astrology very well, and the readings were more intense. Whilst lying face down during your treatment, I saw my mother. She looked straight at me and her green eyes were wide and very clear, almost exaggerated. I understood that it meant I would be feeling / seeing things more CLEARLY in the days ahead. I also believe she was instrumental in bringing you to me. Daphne, I don’t know what you did, but I can’t thank you enough. I have been raving about you to everyone I meet. I am eternally grateful for your expertise in esoteric acupuncture...”

Glenis, Toowoomba 2017

Excellent Daphne so please I came thank you for educating us.