Wholefood Talks

This Healing Centre is not only about acupuncture treatments, but about learning a complete healing of the body mind and spirit. Part of healing the physical body is to learn more about what we eat determines our state of body and mind. Therefore regular free talks on Healing with Wholefoods are held.

It is a chance to learn more about alkaline eating plan, what is the best choice when it comes to fats, sugars, salts and most of all Superfoods. It is delivered in an easy to understand format, in laymen terms so that anyone will find it useful.  There are so much information available from the TV and internet, that it is often confusing to the average person. These talks are designed to help make more sense simply by combining knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine background and alkaline eating then applying it to our current lifestyle.

It is done in a casual, friendly, light hearted ninety minutes of sharing knowledge and information with people who are health conscious and wants to help themselves to heal inside out. Most attendance will take away some new idea, information or a new concept in their diet. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you learn from these experiences as long as it is helpful in changing your health overall. Big changes begin with little understanding and a willingness to make these changes. Please check events section of the website. 

These are generally free public presentations.



L.R. Toowoomba 2016

It helps me to be calm and relaxed. It’s my favourite night of the week! i am now more positive about myself and i am able to say "no" when i need to.

M. N. Toowoomba 2012

Fantastic workshop. Have enjoyed this the most out of all the workshops. All very relevant for me at present. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & wisdom, much appreciated.– M. N.