Wholefood Therapy

“Let food be your medicine & medicine be your food.” – Socrates

In order to sustain our physical body, there are only three main substances that we need; they are air, water and food. Before the days of air and water pollution, these were automatic and did not take much thought. Food on the other hand requires much of our time, including, thinking, sorting, understanding, preparations then consuming. With global explosion of so many new discoveries, processed or convenient foods, plus our hectic lifestyles, confusions about nutrition is lost or at least is less considered when making choices. This is typical of the old paradigm of feeding our bodies.

The new paradigm is about consciously making informed choices of what we place into our physical body to determine how well our body will perform. It is not enough to say we are what we eat, but we need to extend this thinking to further say, “we are what we eat and how we digest and assimilate.” Our body is really the bi-product of what we put into our mouth, how we digest it, plus how we think emotionally is affected by our diet. If we continue and persist in feeding our body with “dead” foods, gradually our body will deteriorate, ageing speeds up and eventually inflammations will manifest throughout the body with various health issues to follow.

My 'Healing with Whole Foods' therapy is done one on one from practitioner to client basis. In this session discussion focuses on eating whole or live foods to nourish the body, the difference between acid and alkaline foods, certain beneficial supplements, various types of the latest Super Foods around that is suitable to your needs, best choices in sugars, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, salts or grains to use. If you have certain ailments, discussion includes various foods to avoid in order not to exacerbate these conditions, whilst other food sources may be beneficial.

 Please note this is not a dietary plan as such, it is information given in order to make the best choices to obtain maximum health benefits. This is done by understanding whole foods and supplements and what is suitable for the individual.


Healing with Whole Foods Therapy takes approximately 1hr Cost $80



Kate, Toowoomba 2016

With regards to our incredible meditation recently I find that in my mind I can 'go to' that special time whenever I feel a bit pressured and it feels wonderful.