Esoteric Wellness Workshops

Esoteric Wellness Workshops are designed to help us understand the spiritual side of our Being. All these workshops are based on the Ancient Wisdom, delivered in laymen terms so therefore making this Knowledge usable to every day circumstances in our current lifestyle. Topics range from learning the fundamentals of Chakras and its relationship to our physical body. This workshop explains the chakra system with its correspondences to our physical body including glands, organs, colours, food suited, why ailments happen, emotions linking to the chakras plus much more.

Other topics include learning about the powerful Kundalini energy including a basic understanding of what it is and how it affects us or how to activate it to help us on our spiritual journey.

The workshop on the Antahkarna is important when realise we need to physically build this “bridge” to link us to our higher consciousness in order to receive greater inner knowing. Other topics workshops include learning more about our Higher Consciousness and how to connect to it more; learning the difference between soul mate and twin flames; understanding the Atomic Shields and how to create shields for our own protection or the Akashic Records. We also look into the past of our original home of Lemuria or Atlantis. Topics for esoteric wellness workshops may change from time to time based on what is currently happening in the metaphysical world.


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Toowoomba 2017

I have found the Feng Shui workshop very informative and helpful. You are a good presenter using examples that are easy to follow.

H. C. Toowoomba 2017

How much better can meditation get? Wow! Inner Child Meditation. my Inner Child went ZOOM from infant throughout childhood to 30 years old. This beautiful young lady - lots of light around her and she was light while still having the form of a young lady. When she put her arms up, 'twas like angel wings. I took her to my heart and cuddled her and I felt it in my being. How does one "come back" and let go to come back to the previous reality. I know she melded into my very being and I could really feel this - that is exactly what it felt like.