Feng Shui Workshop

Basic Feng Shui workshop is the art of harmonising Qi in our environment to encourage or create whatever you desire in your life. When you create harmony in your home, workplace or surroundings, you increase peace, prosperity, happiness, health, love and luck to flow to you freely. This is connecting your inner and outer worlds together which influences each other. Once they are balanced in harmony only positive outcome follows.

This workshop teaches the most popular school of thought that is the Dragon Door School. It is easy to follow and applicable to any home, office, land or room by room.

Holistic health is encompassing the health of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental and spiritual body as well as our living environment. Balancing our environment is helping to create inner peace within ourselves.

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If your home or your life is not on path or feeling something is not quite right, you can now have a quick Feng Shui consultation with me on Skype. It will help to correct any imbalances/disturbances that is blocking your life path.

All you need is a basic house plan or the area of concerned, decide what it is you want to achieve/create, then contact me for a consult. Cost is dependent on what is required.

Remedies/fixes will be recommended to re-calibrate your energy flow to bring you abundance, prosperity, happy relationships plus more! It's easy, no complicated studies, simplified techniques and affordable for a quick fix!


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N.G. Toowoomba 2017

Many thanks, you have cleared up the “research” I have been doing, taken away the confusion of Feng Shui.

H. C. Toowoomba 2018

You have given me confidence now to move on - yesterday was the " brick wall " for me. I had been struggling with what was happening in my meditations. I find my Meditations at your beautiful Centre keep me on that same journey of love.