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tranquil waterfall setting in a rainforest


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Acupuncture and Healing Centre in Toowoomba


Daphne Fung’s acupuncture and healing centre, in Toowoomba, is not only an acupuncture clinic, but offers a complete healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Healing of the physical body encompasses acupuncture treatments to help re-balance the energy flow, herbal supplements or other dietary advice may be given to speed up the process.


Healing of the emotional or mental body is through meditation classes which are held monthly.


There are also gentle Tai Chi classes in Toowoomba for balancing the mind-body, keeping you supple and free from energy blockages.


Healing of the Boy and Spirit is through other energy healing services such as Akashic Record Readings, Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing, Spiritual Life Coach or Intuitive Medical Healing to help one you to understand then to heal.


Daphne Fung’s Acupuncture and Healing Centre aims for the highest quality, up to date, efficient techniques/technologies & highest frequencies of healing to assist everyone to overcome barriers that modern living has created; thus enabling one to truly heal the complete body, mind and spirit.

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