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Daphne Fung’s acupuncture and healing centre

Healing Centre

Daphne Fung’s acupuncture and healing centre, in Toowoomba, is not only an acupuncture clinic, but offers a complete healing of the body, mind and spirit literally.

Healing of the physical body encompasses acupuncture treatments to help re-balance the energy flow, herbal supplements or other dietary advice may be given to speed up the process. Cooking classes are designed to show clients how to utilise simple nutritional ingredients such as Superfoods, wholefoods or herbal foods.

Healing of the emotional or mental body is through meditation classes which are held regularly.

There is also gentle Tai Chi classes in Toowoomba for balancing the mind-body, keeping it supple and free from energy blockages.

Healing of the Spirit is through attending esoteric wellness workshops to learn about the Ancient Wisdom; Akashic Record Readings to help one understand their own puzzle piece in life; or Spiritual Healing to assist in a much deeper level of self-healing.

There are also products for purchase to assist in all areas of healing such as supplements, meditation CDs for home use, Tesla’s Technologies products and Earthing products to guard against living in the 21st century where we are bombarded with harmful electro-magnetic fields/radiation constantly.

Daphne Fung’s Acupuncture and Healing Centre aims for the highest quality, up to date, efficient techniques, technologies or products to assist everyone to overcome barriers that modern living has created; thus enabling one to truly heal the complete body, mind and spirit.