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Daphne Fung Meditation Classes in Toowoomba
Daphne Fung Meditation Classes Toowoomba


Monthly Meditation Classes


Meditation classes are held the last Sunday of each month. Each month varies depending on what is focused at the time. Meditation are going in deep to help relaxation, releasing old beliefs, self healing, learning to receive messages from your own akashic records or any other healing needed at the time. It is a profound experience. Each person is either seated comfortably or may choose to lie. These meditations are powerful, profound, raises your vibrations quickly to help propel you forward to a new positive you!


Bookings are essential via the Contact page or Call


A. Classes are 9am – 10.30am $30 held at this Healing Centre.

All classes are recorded so for those who are not able to attend it can be purchased.


B. Guided one-on-one

This one-on-one guided meditation is to help those who wish to start learning either basic meditation or to achieve an advanced deeper level of healing of your body, mind and spirit. It is also for those who are shy about attending a class with others or for those who need specific guidance to go deeper to achieve a desired outcome.


It does not matter what level the client is at. More importantly is the desire to achieve or just to experience profound meditation with some guidance. Initially, a discussion is done prior to establish what is needed for the client. Then a suitable meditation is chosen to create specific healing, for example there may be certain health challenges that need deeper healing, reprogramming of old beliefs, self love/nurture, or deep wounded inner child work. Or simply if the client just wants to learn to visualise, relax, DE-stress or just experience your own inner stillness.


A session is about an hour, $95 plus recorded

Available on Zoom or Skype


For booking please use Contact page from this website or Call


C. Recorded Meditation for Sale

Guided meditations are now available to help you be discipline or delve deeper in specific issues that needs to be addressed. Below are some with description and cost. There are more to come in future.


For purchase please use Contact page.


  • Relaxation & Chakra Enhancement (25mins mp3 $30).

    A relaxing meditation to relax, de-stress while re-aligning your Chakras.


  • Inner Child Healing (30mins mp3 $30)

    An important aspect of our self healing, the hurt, injured, timid or fearful inner child shuts down as circumstances happen. This trauma is locked deep within you, crippling your ability to function fully with joy and happiness. This meditation helps to bring forth this traumatised inner child, gain his/her confidence again, allowing you to be fully functioning, similar bringing back a 'missing' piece of you. Powerful!
  • Quantum Healing (30mins mp3. $30).

    Going deep into the quantum level to heal your body, bringing it back to your original blue-print of perfection. Repeated use of this meditation assists you to heal your complete body/mind/spirit. Powerful!

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